How To Get a Six Pack HQ – Exercise and Workout Plan for Your Abs

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If you’re wondering how to get a six pack for your abs and have tried absolutely everything to get that lean and toned look, don’t give up just yet. You can get a six pack more quickly than you realise, if you do the right exercises for a six pack and do them effectively. You also need to consider your diet and your regular routine, as your six pack workout won’t make much of a difference if you don’t watch what you eat and get regular aerobic exercise to burn calories as well.

How to Get a Six Pack

The first thing to remember about a six pack workout is that you need to work your stomach muscles specifically. Far too many that exercise are actually working their back or their sides, rather than their stomach. Often this is because their six pack abs workout is challenging, so they use their back muscles for support. Those exercises for a six pack are supposed to be challenging in order to work your muscles, but if they’re so challenging that you cannot do them properly, you need to change your form or do fewer at a time, not use your back muscles.

The right six pack exercises target your stomach muscles and work them slowly and methodically. Using too much speed is another mistake many make when trying to get a six pack, and they are at risk for back strain and also don’t see results. To build muscle, you need blood and oxygen to enter those muscles while they’re being worked. If you go through your six pack workout routine quickly, you’re not allowing this oxygen and the needed blood to build up and you won’t see any firmness or tone in your abs. When doing any six pack exercises, do them slowly so you feel the muscles working.

Another consideration is that you want to use forward and backward resistance when going through a six pack exercise. This will work your muscles twice in one routine. As an example, crunches are often part of how to get six pack abs, but many who do crunches will feel the tension as they move into the crunch but then fall back into their starting position quickly and easily. If you fight the movement going back down to your starting position, you will work your muscles twice as hard in every crunch.

Six Pack Exercises

You can do any number of exercises when you plan how 2 get a six pack; if it works the abdominals, it will help to tone your muscles. However, some are more strenuous than others and some will target the muscles more readily than other choices you have. Crunches are very effective when done properly; you need to ensure you’re lifting from the shoulders and not curling your back. You also need to use that reverse resistance as you come out of the crunch. Sit-ups also work if you keep your back straight and use your stomach muscles to lift and lower your body, rather than lifting at the shoulders.

It’s good to mix up the exercises you do to challenge your muscles and ensure you’re working them effectively. Leg lifts will target your upper and lower abdominals; your exercise mat, legs together, lift your feet and legs just a few inches off the ground and hold them there. You’ll feel your stomach muscles tighten to support your body.

A good Pilates routine will also help to get a six pack; you can use simple Pilates movements to target and tighten the belly. On your back, put your legs straight in the air, touching each other. Move them together in small circles in one direction for a count of eight, and then in the other direction for a count of eight. Your stomach will work overtime to support your movements. Another movement for how to get a six pack is to keep your legs in the air, held together, and do crunches at the same time. You can keep your hands behind your neck for support or reach your arms in front of you as if touching your toes.

A rolling curl is also a good Pilates movement to try as exercises for a six pack. While sitting up, pull your knees up to your chest and wrap your arms around your knees; pick your feet up off the floor and rock back and forth slightly. Your stomach muscles will keep you in place and balanced.

Combining for the Best Abs Workouthome abs workout

The secret for how to get six pack abs is to mix up your routine and keep it challenging, as well as to do the exercises regularly. If you only do a few crunches every other day, you won’t see much by way of results. If you work hard at mastering all these exercises and do them regularly, you’ll get six pack abs in no time.

As an example of how to do this, start your week on Monday with fifty crunches, then try the rolling curl movement. On Tuesday, do fifty sit-ups, two routines of circles in the air, and then a count of twenty crunches with your legs still in the air. On Wednesday, repeat Monday’s routine but add ten sit-ups after your finish your rolling curl.

If you keep mixing up the exercises you do every day, and keep your six pack workout fresh, you’ll see results in no time. Pick a few different exercises and mix and match what you do, for how long, and in what order. This way your body will always be working its hardest and you’ll always be building muscle for fabulous six pack abs.

Diet and Other Exercise to Get a Six Pack

If your belly is covered with a layer of fat, no one will see those muscles you’re working so hard to build. This is why diet and aerobic activity are needed to show off that six pack. Protein builds and feeds muscle, so be sure you have a diet high in protein. Excess calories are stored in the body as fat, so watch your calorie intake no matter what foods you eat. Simple carbohydrates and white flour products break down as sugar in the system and are typically very calorie-dense so be careful of these foods. Starches are also typically empty calories so be mindful of the bread and potatoes you eat.

Regular aerobic activity will burn those extra calories so you’re not covered in that layer of fat; be sure you’re challenging yourself to actually burn calories. A simple stroll around the block won’t do much to burn calories, so try pushing yourself with jogging, wind sprints, bicycling, jumping rope, using an elliptical machine or recumbent bike at the gym, and even shadowboxing or kickboxing. Step aerobics are also very challenging, and many gyms offer these classes. You need to be active every day in order to burn calories efficiently, and being active regularly will raise your metabolism so you’re always burning calories. All of these things combined is how to get a six pack that you can proudly show off.