3 Gentle Stomach Exercises For After Your Pregnancy

stomach exercises after pregnancy

You’ve waited 9-months for that little bundle of joy to arrive and now that they’re finally here you’re busy just cooing over them and taking care of them. If you’re like 99% of women you’d also love to have your pre-pregnancy figure back just as much as you love your baby – well okay obviously you’ll love your baby a lot more but the fact remains you do miss having your flat tummy right?

The first thing to note here is that you should avoid any strenuous physical exercise for the first few weeks after pregnancy and when you do decide to start exercising check with your doctor that it’s ok to do so. There’s no point in rushing into an ab workout or exercise routine if you’re just going to cause yourself an injury.

You can make the workout fun and also make it a bonding exercise by involving your baby in some of these exercises too – this gives you lots of time to make eye contact with them and build that motherly bond that little bit closer.

#1 Tummy Lift

Lie with your back flat on the floor and your knees raised but with your feet flat – just as if you were going to do a crunch. Now put your baby on your stomach with their back resting against your raised knees and hold them securely. Now raise your bum upwards towards the ceiling in a slow and smooth motion and then put it back down flat on the floor. You can maintain eye contact with your baby while doing this exercise and they’ll also have the sensation of movement which will feel like a comforting little “bounce” to them.

#2 One Arm Crunch

Again lie flat on your back with your knees raised just a little bit and your feet should be as flat as possible on the floor and place baby sitting backwards with their back resting gently against your knees. Now hold your baby steady with one hand while you put your left hand behind your own head. Now raise your left shoulder from the floor and point your left elbow towards your right knee but DO NOT come all the way up into a full crunch, you only want a small range of motion here. Repeat this exercise several times and then swap hands, while keeping your baby secure obviously.

#3 Leg Raises

This exercise is going to be done without your baby so put them back in their cot or a stroller where you can keep an eye on them. Now lie flat on your back again and this time put your hands under your lower back or just above your bum – your hands will be underneath you while doing this exercise and your legs should also be flat on the floor too.

Now raise your legs from their flat position until the flats of your feet are pointing straight at the ceiling and raise your bum just slightly off the floor. Now lower your bum and bring your legs slowly back down to their original starting position. If you can’t manage to have your feet pointing directly at the ceiling – about a 90 degree angle – then raise them as far as you can and hold them there for a count of 5 and then lower them again. You’ll get a fantastic ab workout from this exercise full stop.

These stomach exercises are ideal for any woman that wants to restore her midriff after pregnancy but just make sure that you pace yourself, breathe while exercising and obviously do a gentle warm-up and stretch before you start and a cool-down and stretch when you finish.