5 Tips For Running To Lose Belly Fat

running to lose belly fat

Running is only one form of cardio but the best thing about using running for cardio is that it can be done anywhere with almost no budget – just runners, t-shirt, shorts and a bottle of water. That means you don’t need an expensive gym membership to get started and no matter where you might live in the world you can still run or at least jog on the road or in a local park or anywhere there’s a relatively flat surface or even some hills. But is there any point in running to lose belly fat? After all running is all about cardio so does it matter?

Well doing any cardio workout will boost your metabolism and when your metabolism is boosted you’re going to burn more fat off your belly and elsewhere on your body and running works really well for this because when you’re running you’re engaging your entire core too as well as your legs, back and shoulders – it’s an all-over body workout. Here’s a few tips to make sure you get the most from your running workouts to help you lose more belly fat.

1. Extended Cardio

There are a few ways to do a running workout and increasing your metabolism is usually best achieved by raising your heart rate and keeping it raised for your entire workout. Now this means that you obviously need to pace your longer runs to make sure you’re not tiring out too fast. Ideally your heart rate should be at about 80% of maximum for 20 or more minutes while you’re jogging or running slowly.

2. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

To mix things up with your extended running cardio sessions you’ll also need to include some sprints in your workout equation. You don’t need to sprint for miles and in reality shorter sprints actually work better for overall loss of your belly fat. You can use a stopwatch to get your sprint rights so if you’ve been jogging/running for 5-minutes then include a 30-second sprint as part of that – do this for every 5-minutes of jogging that you’re doing.

3. Diet

You are what you eat so if you’re eating lots of processed, fatty foods then you’re going to struggle to lose weight. Eating a healthy diet of fresh fruit, leafy green vegetables and lean cuts of beef, pork or chicken/turkey without the skin is all you need. Make sure you’re drinking at least 4-litres of water per day and keep a food diary so you can keep track of what you’re eating without lying to yourself.

4. Treadmill Vs Road

Some people prefer running or jogging on a treadmill versus running on the road or a track but you’re diluting your efforts by using a treadmill. A treadmill will give you a good workout but running outside in the real world is a better workout and you’re also getting plenty of fresh air or even rain – running in the rain is one of my favourite exercise workouts…nobody can see how much I sweat!

5. Good Equipment

Never, ever use cheap runners if you’re going to be running to lose belly fat – it’s an awful idea but in the same breath you don’t need to spend a fortune on runners either. Just make sure that you get some advice from a sports shop about the best type of runners for your running style and your weight – if you’re heavier you’re going to need better arch support.

Those 5 tips will be enough to get you outside and get you moving – the rest is up to you!