AB Benches Reviewed – Which Is The Best Abs Bench?

abs bench

Having a six pack makes you look good no matter what age you are – it’s like the pinnacle of any exercise routine. Even if you’ve worked on developing your triceps, biceps and chest muscles nothing is going to give you the “fit and strong” look quite as well as a six pack will. In the world of fitness and body building 6-pack abs are what most people aspire to and, if we’re being honest here, it’s what most average people aspire to as well. I mean who doesn’t want a rock hard six pack to replace the 2-gallon gut they’re carrying around right now?

Now one of the key things with any exercise, especially abdominal exercises, is that simply doing them 1,000 times in a row isn’t ever enough – your form matters as much as the number of repetitions you do. You’ll see people do this all the time in the gym – they’re hammering away doing push-ups but they’re just swinging their groin down at the floor and barely moving their arms. Ab exercises are the same so sometimes it’s nice to have a piece of equipment to help your form and an ab bench is ideal, because they both help your form and also give you a stable, comfortable and safe area to perform your abs routine on.

But which abs bench is going to best suit your needs?

Confidence Ab Master Pro Series Ab Trainer

The Confidence range of ab benches are one of the most popular you’re going to find online and not only are they popular but they always get great reviews from people who buy and use them. The Confidence Ab Master Pro is designed to help you work all of your abs – including your middle, lower and upper abs as well as allowing you to work your obliques and all without putting any strain on your neck or back. The biggest problem with most people doing abs exercises is that they pull at their necks doing sit-ups or crunches and this causes injuries whereas this abs bench makes sure that this can’t happen because of the Ab Master’s rolling action which allows smooth ab exercise routines with the added benefit of neck and back support.

This abs bench is finished in black and silver and has enough padding to support you through even the most strenuous of workouts – even though the Confidence Ab Master Pro is suitable for people of any fitness level. This ab bench folds away for easy storage when not in use but once you’re using it you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll probably find it hard to put away.

Medicarn Pro AB Bench

When you’re considering investing in an abs bench to help you sculpt those perfect abs you’ve always dreamt of then it’s a good move to invest in a name you can trust. Not only is Medicarn Fitness a brand name you can trust but the Medicarn Ab Bench Pro was one of the best selling fitness products of 2009. So if you’re looking for “intelligent” abdominal exercise benches then the Medicarn Pro Ab Bench should be pretty high up on your shopping list.

The bench itself is finished in gunmetal gray and is also fitted with thick and comfortable padding to support your back and neck during your exercise routine and because this abs bench helps give you real focus on your efforts you’ll see results more quickly by using this abs bench than not. As a company Medicarn puts a lot of effort into constructing high quality fitness equipment that will serve you will both now and in the future.

If you want to strengthen your core muscles and get a new and trimmer waistline then the fold-away Medicarn Pro Ab Bench is one to consider. The Medicarn Ab Pro bench also comes with additional peace of mind in the form of a 12-month warranty which covers repair or replacement of the bench if it develops any faults.

Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer is that striking red colour that the foam support pads are finished in. This makes it feel more like a piece of gym equipment because it’s the same colour you’ll find used on foam pads in most gyms and it also “feels” a lot brighter than the usual grey finish you’ll find on most home gym equipment.

The Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer is ideal for targeting those problem abdominal areas that you might have because it can target all of your core muscles including your obliques (love handle area), upper abs, middle abs and of course your lower abs also. Most people just do ab crunches when it comes to working their abs and then can’t understand why they don’t see results for all of their core but you can change that with the smooth 200-degree range of motion offered by the Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer ab bench and you can make your workout out as tough or as easy as you like with the choice of 5 resistance levels to customize your workout fully.

On top of being very comfortable to use you also get great support from the thick padding used and the smooth action of the roller makes this ab bench a joy to use. And let’s not forget the digital computer that’s built into this ab bench/roller too – this is one of the very, very few ab benches on the market that offers this functionality.

A professional abs bench at this price with the added bonus of a digital computer to monitor your workout is going to be very hard to find – unless of course you’re investing in the Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer of course!

Hopefully our quick review of the top 3 ab benches on the market has helped answer any basic questions you might have and also helped you make up your mind about which of these ab benches you’re going to use to create that toned and trim six pack that your friends are going to be so jealous of!