Ab Toner Belt (abdominal belt) Advice & Tips For Effective Toning

Slendertone Flex Abs Toning Belts for Men

If you’ve been trying to lose weight or improve your abs for the last few years you’ve probably come across a lot of solutions for losing fat from your belly and toning your abs at the same time. No doubt you’ve found all kinds of ab belts and ab toning belt systems advertised both online and offline but you probably didn’t believe that they worked or could be as effective as doing hundreds of crunches for example. Although it’s not advertised very often these ab toners are used by athletes and celebrities too of course – Bruce Lee being one of the most famous.

An abdominal toning belt works on the principle of using electrical impulses to make your ab muscles contract and then relax afterwards, which is exactly what you achieve when you’re doing a set of crunches for example but the ab belts allow you to work out your muscles without having to break a sweat. If you’re currently on the fence on buying an ab toner belt we’re going to take a quick look at the best abdominal toning belt systems for men, women and of course unisex models too – think of this as your personal shopping guide to these electronic wonders.

Best Men’s Ab Toning Belt

There are dozens of different ab toning belt manufacturers out there but Slendertone have carved out their own major slice of the abdominal toning belt market and in the male segment of that market the Slendertone System Abs for Men is one of the very best products you’re going to find available online or offline. Slendertone have refined their approach to abs toners over the years and their ab toner belts are just really well made and very comfortable to wear. On top of that instead of having 400 wires hanging out of you the Slendertone men’s abs belt has adhesive pads that stick to the inside of the belt and are held in place by the belt itself and the velcro strap, which fastens around your back.

The control unit for the Slendertone is at the front of the belt for easy access – there’s no fumbling involved. This ab toning belt has 99 different intensity levels and once you get up around level 30 or 40 you really start to feel the burn from the contractions. The control unit is also fully rechargeable so you won’t have to go fumbling with batteries when it’s time to replace them. And of course the Slendertone System Abs For Men comes with a 2-year warranty and Slendertone are one of those companies who actually replace faulty products instead of just trying to repair them.

Best Women’s Ab Belt

Slendertone also make a great range of women’s abdominal toning belts because women are just as worried about developing their abs as men are. In fact women have to work far, far harder to develop a six pack than a man does – something to do with body fat composition, so they need every bit of additional help they can get. The Slendertone System Abs Toning Belt Women’s is a wonderfully neat little ab toning system which is made up of a neoprene padded belt with a velcro strap that can fit a waistline from 22-inches to 47-inches so it can accommodate even the more fully figured woman.

As with the men’s unit the control unit is neatly integrated into the belt as are the actual electro stimulation pads themselves. This means instead of having 20 different shaped pads strapped to your body with 3 or 4 different straps you simply wrap the Slendertone System Abs Toning Belt around your waist and turn it on – you’ll only need to adjust the position to work different abdominal muscle groups.

There are 7 individual toning programs you can use so that your abdominals don’t develop too much “muscle memory” and these will help you to keep your ab workouts nicely varied and there’s an automatic warm-up and cool-down phase built into each training program too. If anything goes wrong with your Slendertone System Abs Toning Belt Women’s in the first 2-years you have a full warranty to cover any problems you might have.

Even the most sceptical of users have found the Slendertone range of ab toning belts to be a great investment in firmer and more toned abs.

Best Unisex Abs Belt

And of course Slendertone have catered for people who wanted a unisex ab toner with the Slendertone Gymbody Plus Unisex Toning belt. This abdominal toning belt is a little bit different because it’s the only one of the Slendertone models that we’ve reviewed here that isn’t rechargeable and relies on batteries instead. The control unit for the Gymbody Plus Unisex belt clips into a slotted attachment on the front of the belt – this means you can remove it when you need to replace the batteries but the batteries themselves last for a long time in most cases.

The belt is made of the same neoprene type material as the other Slendertone units and it has the same velcro strap at the back but because it’s unisex it can accommodate a waistline of up to 47 so it’s suitable for people who are even quite badly out of shape. Using this form of muscle stimulation, based on the patented Slendertone Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology, gives you the same workout in 20-minutes as you’d get doing over 120-situps or crunches.

What kind of results can you expect? A scientific study into the effectiveness of Slendertone products has shown that 100% of people who have used this product for the recommended initial 4-week period reported that they had firmer and more toned abdominal muscles afterwards. If you’re looking for an ab toner belt that you can share with your partner then the Slendertone Gymbody Plus Unisex Toning belt is a good investment in a trimmer waistline.

5 Tips For Using Abs Toner Belts

As wonderful as ab belts are and the electro muscle stimulation technology that drives them they’re not a miracle cure for having a bulging belly and here are a few simple tips to make sure you get the absolute most from your ab toning belt experience.

1. Follow a healthy diet – there’s no point in strapping on an ab toning belt and sitting on your sofa eating crisps. Cut down the amount of fatty foods you eat.

2. Make sure the pads are clean of fluff and body hair before you use them because this reduces how effective they are. If they’re a little bit dirty then wet your fingers and wipe them clean.

3. The pads will eventually wear out because they’re adhesive so after about 12-months you should be looking at getting a new set of pads from the folks at Slendertone.

4. Don’t just the same workout over and over again. Use a different workout every other day and vary the length of time and intensity of each workout too.

5. Don’t just focus on one single part of your abs – target all of them so that includes obliques, upper, lower and middle abs too.

Are There Any Risks Of Using Abdominal Toning Belts?

The Slendertone range of belts are FDA approved but make sure that if you decide to use another brand of ab toning belt that they’ve received FDA approval.

Pregnant women should also avoid using ab toning belts both during all stages of their pregnancy and to also wait 6-weeks after giving birth before using one. You also need to seek medical advice before using an ab toning belt if you have a pacemaker fitted or if you have had a serious cardiac issue in your past or more recent medical history.