Abdominal Machines & Exercise Equipment That Work For Amazing Flat Stomachs And Six Packs

exercise equipment for stomach

Having well developed stomach muscles or a six pack looks good anywhere you are. You’ll notice anyone with a six pack at the beach doing their best to show it off and let’s be honest when you want a six pack and don’t have one jealousy is a fairly normal reaction. But apart from just looking good a six pack also has actual health benefits. For example when your core muscles are that well developed you’ll find that back pain becomes a thing of the past and you’ll also notice that your posture and balance improves. And let’s not forget the fact that the more lean muscle you have the more fat you can burn off even when you’re not exercising.

Now you can either try to develop that killer six pack all on your own or you can use an abs machine to help you get better results and also achieve those results in less time. That’s the beauty of an abs machine – it helps you get your six pack faster and more safely too.

What To Look For In Great Abs Machines

Your abdominal exercise equipment needs to perform one single and simple function and that’s to give your abs a thorough workout. There are lots of ways for any piece of ab exercise equipment to help you tone and sculpt your stomach muscles but regardless of how they actually achieve the goal of working out your abs the goal is the same – help you shape up your stomach. Your own personal preferences are going to come into play too when choosing exercise machines for your stomach and your physique is going to be a factor too. So for example an ab roller wheel might suit some people who have a reasonable level of fitness already whereas other people are going to need something a little easier to start off with a like a ab roller to help with your crunches.

When it comes to making your actual abs exercise equipment buying decision one way to make the whole process that little bit easier is to invest in brand name exercise equipment. Now that doesn’t mean you should only buy Weider or York exercise equipment but you can also rely on recommendations from your friends because there are always new brands of abs equipment coming onto the market all the time so don’t discount a brand just because you don’t recognize it.

You can also use online reviews to find ab machines that work, offer great value for money and are popular with anyone who uses them. Just make sure you don’t rely on just one single review of a product – you need to get information from multiple sources and also deliberately look for negative reviews too – there’s bound to be some out there.

What Is The Best Abs Machine That Works?

Deciding which is the best ab machine is a tough puzzle to solve because every single person on this planet is different. We might all look the same and be roughly the same shape but when it comes to exercise and focusing on a specific muscle group we’re all different too. For example some people will just have the type of genetics where they can lose all their belly fat and develop a 6 pack with almost no effort while others are going to have to follow a very strict diet and exercise plan to emulate those same results.

The reality is that all abdominal “machines” work firstly because it would be very bad marketing to try to sell a piece of exercise equipment that does nothing for the user and any exercise that you’re giving your abs will be good for them – be it through a crunch roller, an ab roller wheel or using an abs exercise bench instead. Getting any form of exercise is going to be better than getting no exercise at all.

Here’s a list of the most popular stomach exercise equipment on the market with something , we feel, to suit every taste, ability and physique.

Ab Circle Pro Abdominal Exerciser

The Ab Circle Pro is that little bit different when it comes to abdominal machines; it still works your stomach muscles but is a different approach to the standard “six pack machine”. This abb machine not only works your abs but it works them all at the same time. You get a workout that targets your upper and lower abs and also works your obliques at the exact same time too – so your entire core is being worked at the exact same time. The Ab Circle Pro achieved this by using a side-to-side swinging motion which uses gravity to help with your workout and it also takes all the strain off your back and neck too. This stomach exerciser also works out your bum and thighs too – all you need to do is change a single clip on it to get an entirely new workout. The Ab Circle Pro comfortable sculpted knee “pads”, built-in workout computer and padded workout handles to keep your upper body steady and supported while you’re working out.

Using ab workout machines like this can take a little bit of getting used to but it’s all worth the effort because you’re getting a great mix of cardio and a core muscle workout at the exact same time. The people behind the Ab Circle Pro say that you can achieve results in as little as 3-minutes per day but that’s obviously the bare minimum amount of time you can spend working your abs. This piece of abdominal equipment also folds flat for storage when you’re finished with it.

This stomach exercise machine is a unique take on the usual ab machines you see for sale online.

66fit Abdominal Roller Wheel with Knee Pad

Ab roller wheels are deceptive in that they don’t look like they’d give you a very tough workout but even guys who have done Special Forces training find these taxing on the core muscles. The idea is simple – you’re holding onto an unstable wheel and using your core to extend your body into a stretched position and then return to your starting position. It looks so easy that any kind could do it but once you’ve done maybe a half dozen of these (if you get that far) you’ll realize that the 66Fit Abdominal Roller Wheel is more than just a toy and offers a very serious core workout.

Made from lightweight PVC the 66Fit Abdominal Roller Wheel weighs almost nothing and also means that it’s highly portable so if you want to bring your workout on holidays with you then an ab roller wheel like this is going to make a lot of sense. This ab roller has two wheels on it where most only have one so you’re getting an extra level of balance and a bit more support for your back and shoulders when doing an ab roller wheel workout. This roller also comes with a mat so you can save tearing your knees on your floors.

Confidence Ab Master Pro Series Ab Trainer

The abs bench is one of the most traditional styles of ab workout there is and the Confidence Ab Master Pro Series is one of the better ab benches you’ll find on the market today. Confidence may not be a brand you’re familiar with but they make great ab products and this bench combines a traditional abs bench with an ab roller so you can use it just for doing manual crunches on your own or you can use the roller to help with your crunch form. Steel construction and extra thick padding on the back and neck rest means that you’re investing in an ab bench that’s going to serve you for years to come.

Despite the sturdy construction this abs bench can still be folded away for when it’s not in use so it doesn’t turn into a clothes horse – like most home exercise equipment does.

Weider Crunch Trainer

If you just want a straightforward abs work out then an ab roller like the Weider Crunch Trainer is ideal for that. You get a smooth rolling action so that your core muscles are getting the workout that they need. Using the Weider Crunch Trainer means that you can put your abdominal muscles through 12-different exercises that target your upper, middle and lower abs as well as giving your obliques plenty of attention too. This abdominal exerciser comes with a DVD with all the instructions and workout tips you’ll need.

Cheaper Abdominal Exercise Equipment

For years if anyone used the word cheap it was usually instantly associated with “poor quality” but that isn’t always the case. Some of the big fitness equipment companies like York and Weider are guilty of overcharging for their products simply because they carry their brand name. You’ll find that there are plenty of “cheaper” brands out there that do just as good a job as the big brand names and for about 50% of the cost in some cases.

The only thing you need to watch out for when it comes to exercise equipment is items that are too cheap – like incredibly cheap. So if you’re looking at an abs bench that’s going to set you back £80 and you find one for sale for £10 by some totally unknown brand then you’ll need to think twice. There’s cheap and then there’s just too cheap when it comes to this type of equipment and the last thing you want happening is your abs bench collapsing underneath you in the middle of a workout.

Is There Any Difference Between Flat Stomach Exercise Equipment & Six Pack Machines?

Any piece of exercise equipment that specifically targets your core muscles/your abs will work to give you a flat stomach or a six pack. When you’ve worked your core enough that your stomach is flat it’s then a matter of reducing your body fat content and focusing on your lower, middle and upper abs to actually develop that six pack look – the muscle is already there you just need to define it and get rid of all the fat covering it.

So there’s no difference between a piece of exercise equipment designed to give you a flat stomach and one designed to give you a six pack.