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Find The Cheapest Ab Circle Pro Abdominal Exerciser – And Get Perfect Abs

When the time comes around that you finally make that commitment to work on your abs and get that beach body you’ve always wanted then sometimes it’s good to get a little help to achieve that goal. Now obviously you’ve going to need to be motivated and really want to achieve your goal but it’s also a good idea to get some extra help in the form of an ab workout machine like the Ab Circle Pro for example. And the even better news is that the Ab Circle Pro is now available in the UK so you won’t have to pay for overseas shipping charges and can just have it delivered to your front door instead in just a few short days.

What Is The Ab Circle Pro?

In case you’re not familiar with this abs machine we’re going to quickly explain that the Ab Circle Pro abdominal exerciser does and, in turn, can do for you. Most abs machines only focus on working certain parts of your abs but you won’t have the problem with the Ab Circle Pro because it’s designed specifically to work your entire core muscle group all at the same time and not only does it do that but it also provides you with a cardio workout at the same time.

A cardio workout? From an abs machine?

Well you see the team behind the Ab Circle Pro know that you’ll develop a firmer six pack by removing any of the fat covering it and you need to use cardio to burn off fat so they, very cleverly, use the force of gravity to help you do a cardio work out. Instead of the usual forwards-and-backwards motion of an ab roller or having to stretch your back out with an ab wheel this ab workout device uses a gravity assisted swinging motion to work out every muscle which makes up your entire core. The friction-free tracks make sure that every rotation you make is smooth and won’t jar your knees, back or legs. So the Ab Circle Pro makes sure that instead of going through set after set of crunches or sit-ups you can simply enjoy the smooth flowing motion of this device and watch your abs get sculpted at the same time and get all the health benefits of a cardio workout too!

What Exercises Are Possible With the Ab Circle Pro Abdominal Exerciser?

The Ab Circle Pro is a law unto itself when it comes to abdominal exercises and instead of just copying what every other company is trying to achieve in the abs development market with ab rollers, benches and wheels the development team at Ab Circle Pro created something unique. The basic exercise motion for this ab machine is the same side-to-side motion but you can mix and match your sitting position and also use overhand and underhand grips to change the areas you’re targeting.

As an exercise platform the Ab Circle Pro is versatile because not only can you do the standard Ab Circle workout on it but it can also be used as a push-up platform from a kneeling position. Then all you need to change is one single clip on the device and you also get an intense thigh and bum workout too – it only takes about 2 seconds to make this changeover. Don’t forget though the Ab Circle Pro comes with an instructional DVD that demonstrates multiple workouts for you to go through.

Will The Ab Circle Pro Be Good For Your Abs?

This piece of exercise equipment provides you with a low impact and strain-free way of working out your abs so yes it will definitely be good for your abs and it’s going to be way better for your abs than just sitting there thinking about working out. We’ve said it before – being active is healthier than being inactive any day of the week – being active means using muscles and burning calories.

How effective the Ab Circle Pro will be for you in developing your abs and core muscles will depend on how much actual and regular effort you put into it and not only that but following a sensible diet will also make a huge difference to what you achieve when using the Ab Circle Pro – in fact it comes with a nutritional guide called “Lose your love handles” because you can’t expect to lose weight and get a six pack if you’re sitting at home eating a takeaway curry every night.

Ab Circle Pro Specification

The Ab Circle Pro itself is made of the same type of high quality steel that professional gym equipment is made from so you’re not investing in some flimsy piece of gym equipment that’s going to suffer from a serious case of “fall apart” after just a few short months or just outside the warranty or guarantee period. Instead you have a piece of unique home gym equipment that’s designed to last for years. How sturdy is it? Well weighing in at 18Kg means that it’s no lightweight and is capable of supporting weights of up to 275lbs or about 125Kg or just a little over 19-stone. So even people carrying quite a bit of weight will get a great workout.

You won’t need a degree in engineering to put the Ab Circle Pro together and there’s very little assembly required. Once it is assembled it comes with a 3-minute instructional DVD that you can watch to get you started and there’s also 3 levels of resistance to work with or against – as you get stronger and you can monitor all of these results on your personal performance computer.

This incredible exercise device also only takes up a very small amount of floor space when you’re using it and even better you can fold it away for safe storage when you’re done – it folds completely flat and you could easily store it under your bed.

Watch The Ab Circle Pro DVD For Hints and Tips

Because the Ab Circle Pro is a completely different way of working out your abs it’s really, really important that you watch the instructional DVD that comes with it before you start your first workout. Remember this isn’t a traditional workout by any standard so you need to know exactly how to position yourself on the Ab Circle Pro and what posture is going to deliver the best results for you. Watching the DVD literally takes 3-minutes and it’s as much about your health and safety as it is about maximizing your workouts with this ab machine; 180-seconds is all it takes to be informed.

Buy The Cheapest Ab Circle Pro Online

We always discourage our visitors and fans from looking for the cheapest possible exercise and abs workout equipment but there’s a recession on and you’re obviously going to need to find the Ab Circle Pro for the best possible price you can find. This device isn’t expensive even at full price but if you want to buy an Ab Circle Pro and you’re looking for the cheapest Ab Circle Pro you can find online then we would suggest using our recommended online store when you do decide to buy – you can get a fantastic online deal on the Ab Circle Pro by clicking here.

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Ab Circle Pro Reviews – UK Consumer Reports & Results

The Ab Circle Pro is one of the most unique ab exercise devices you’re going to find available to the budding workout enthusiast right now. Most ab exercise machines operate on the same idea of either rocking your abs backwards and forwards with an ab roller or even extending your abs with the use of an ab roller wheel. Now there’s nothing wrong with either of these exercises and they work perfectly well but they tend to only engage one part of your core instead of engaging all of your abdominal muscles, obliques and support muscles at the same time. This is where the Ab Circle Pro is different because it gives you a full abs workout in one simple swinging motion.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews

Obviously before you decide to invest in any new piece of exercise equipment you’ll want to read some reviews of what other people have said about the Ab Circle Pro – to make sure you’re making an informed buying choice. So to help you along the way we’ve included a selection of Ab Circle Pro reviews here for you to read through. These are what actual customers think of this abs machine and gives you an idea of the type of results you can expect to achieve from it yourself – with continued use of course.

Also please bear in mind that these are Ab Circle Pro reviews from UK customers so you may notice some small language or spelling differences. We’re also protecting the privacy of the people who provided these reviews by not revealing their names or other personal details.

Ab Circle Pro Customer Reviews

Review #1 I was tired of having a flabby and sagging waistline so the Ab Circle Pro was ideal for what I wanted to change. I find it really easy to use and because I can work out at home I can’t find any excuses for not going to the gym.

Review #2 It took me a while to get used to using it and at first I have to say I wasn’t gone on the idea of how it worked. But I’m pleased to say that after sticking with the Ab Circle Pro for a few weeks I’m already starting to see results.

Review #3 I’m now using the Ab Circle Pro for about 4-weeks and although I’m not seeing anything amazing happening to my tummy I’m still seeing a slimmer waist and less of a tummy than I had 4-weeks ago so it’s definitely working. I think I’ll just increase the resistance and train that little bit harder!

Review #4 The Ab Circle Pro was a gift from my partner and when it turned up we were both glad to see it didn’t take too much work to put together and even though he bought it for me we’ve both been using it now to get rid of our bellies. So far so good with the Ab Circle Pro!

Review #5 Being one of those people with lots and lots of home exercise equipment in my home that I never use I wasn’t holding out much hope that I’d use the Ab Circle Pro much either. But just for once I’m actually enjoying getting some exercise because I’m not hurting my back or neck while I’m trying to get fit and toned. And I love the Ab Circle Pro even more for the days I just can’t face going to the gym. Two thumbs up from me!

Review #6 A really sturdy piece of exercise equipment that everyone in the family is enjoying using. One of the best buys I’ve made in years – can’t recommend it enough!

Review #7 Kind of ashamed to say this but one of the main reasons I like using the Ab Circle Pro is because I can use it while I’m watching the telly. Some people might think I’m being lazy or whatever but in my mind I’m multi-tasking and at least I’m working out instead of just sitting glued to the sofa watching another episode of Corrie. The best thing about is that I don’t even feel like I’m working out – it’s that easy like.

Review #8 I’ve always hated going to the gym because everyone else there seems fitter and slimmer than me but now that I have the Ab Circle Pro I can workout at home and get myself back into some kind of shape before I go back to the gym. I think even being back at the gym will only be part of my new exercise routine because I plan on using my Ab Circle Pro for a good long while yet.

Hopefully our selection of Ab Pro Circle reviews will give you an idea of just how much people love this ab exerciser.

Ab Circle Pro Results

The results you achieve with any piece of exercise equipment is going to depend on two main factors:

1. Diet – you need to eat a healthy diet in order to lose weight. This will mean a low carb or low fat diet in conjunction with daily workouts on the Ab Circle Pro.

2. Use – if you don’t use the Ab Circle Pro then you won’t achieve any results. In the same breath using it once every 2-weeks for 3-minutes isn’t going to produce any results either. You need to exercise at least 5 times per week initially to see results.

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High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System and Parts

When you want to lose the love handles, you may need some help, and the High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System can be the best tool for you. It’s lightweight and portable, and works all your midsection for a trimmed look.

Does the High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System Work?

The High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System works for those who use it correctly and who use it often. The apparatus is simple; you kneel in two knee pads and hold a bar in front of you, and then swing yourself to the left and the right for a complete ab workout. Your abdominals are the muscles that will propel your body forward and around, and which will keep you upright and supported in the machine. They will get lean and toned in no time when you sue the High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System.

The High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System also gives you a good aerobic workout, as you need to exert lots of energy to keep yourself swinging in the semi-circle. This means you’ll be burning calories and burning fat as you work out your abs, so you can easily see those muscles you’re building along your midsection.

The Ab Circle Pro System needs to be used regularly for the most results and for the best workout. Ten minutes, three times per week is good for beginners, and those who are already in great shape may find it’s good to use it for twenty minutes, five times per week or even every day.

Where to Get Ab Circle Pro Parts

Keeping your High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System maintained will help to keep your workouts effective and safe. If you need Ab Circle Pro parts, shop online. You’ll find the parts you need at a price you can afford when you shop online retailers. Try amazon.co.uk, or even eBay to find the parts you need. Replacing the knee pads or handles is not difficult and typically involves just a screwdriver, so there’s no need to let your High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System be less than perfectly maintained.

If you keep your High Street TV Ab Circle Pro System maintained and use it regularly, you’ll see that you have the tightest abs and the flattest tummy in no time, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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