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Ab Rollers & Mats + Tips On Using An Ab Roller

Everyone knows what a crunch or sit-up looks like but not everyone can do a crunch or sit-up properly. In fact most people who think they’re doing crunches or sit-ups are probably working their thigh and shoulder muscles more than they’re working their actual abs? Why does this happen? Simply because most people have never trained with a qualified trainer so have no idea that their actual positioning and form is actually causing them harm and not helping their abdominal development efforts at all. Lots of people wind up with neck and shoulder strain injuries from trying to pull their neck into a crunch position – this happens all the time in gyms.

Ab rollers are designed to help you correct your form and keep your back, neck and shoulders injury-free while you’re working out and you also get proper neck, arm and back support thrown into the deal too. But which abs roller is going to best suit your ab workout needs? We’ve included reviews of our top 3 ab rollers to help you make the best possible buying decision for you.

Ab Roller Reviews

Weider Crunch Trainer Review

When you think exercise you’re going to think Weider – they’ve been in the body development game for a long time now. The Weider Crunch Trainer ab roller is a very smooth looking roller with an integrated exercise mat and of course comes in the typical Weider colour scheme of black pads with red text – no surprises there. This abroller allows you to perform up to 12-separate ab exercises all in the comfort of your own home and all safely too – this roller has an extra thick padded headrest to make sure you’re comfortable when you’re working out and the integrated exercise mat helps protect your back. The Weider Crunch Trainer folds flat for easy storage when not in use and also comes with an instructional DVD to help you get the most from your workout.

Davina Ab Roller with Mat Review

Nobody every really expected Davina McCall of all people to ever come out with her own line of exercise equipment but the former Big Brother presenting star has done exactly that. And the Davina Ab roller is one of the latest additions to her growing range of exercise products. The roller itself is a traditionally styled ab roller with a full rolling bar integrated into it so it’s not just a set of arm rests on either side – this style of roller actually works better because it gives you a better range of exercises to work with.

The padded headrest and padded foam arm/elbow rests also help protect you from strain and injury. The roller is a bright blue colour which is a little strange considering that Davina seems to release a lot of her products in a kind of lime green colour but the blue is more unisex so it makes more marketing sense. The Davina Ab Roller comes with its own mat to provide you with support and comfort if you’re exercising on a hard floor.

Ultrafit AB Trainer Review

This ab roller has pink foam support pads on it so it’s probably designed for the female market more so than the male – although the headrest is still black for some odd reason. The Ultrafit AB Trainer is the only one in the reviews here that doesn’t include its own mat so you’ll need to take that into consideration when making your buying decision. This ab roller system is adjustable and also has wrist and palm rest areas so you’re not putting any strain on those parts of your body. Using this ab roller means you’re getting to work out the entire abdominal area and this means more lean muscle mass which means you’re burning more calories each day as a result.

Which Is The Best Ab Roller?

Almost any abs roller than you buy is going to provide you with a decent workout for your abs. The fact that you’re using an ab roller means that you’re being at least 50% more effective in doing your crunches than you were before. If we had to choose an ab roller from the 3 above the Davina Ab roller would be at the top of our list, then the Weider and last, but not least, the Ultrafit Ab trainer.

Which Is The Best Ab Roller Mat?

Once the mat provides you with enough back support then you can either choose one of the mats that comes with an ab roller or you can buy a separate exercise mat or thick yoga mat and use that instead. You’re better off using a mat than not with an ab roller because although you’re getting more support doing crunches on a rock hard floor will hurt your back in the long run.

How To Use An Ab Roller

Actually using an ab roller is one of the most natural exercises in the world because it’s basically taking the crunch exercise you’re already doing and making it smoother and safer for you. It literally gives you an exercise “template” to repeat the same set of ab roller exercises as often as you want and the padded head and arm rests take the strain off your neck, shoulders and back.

One of the main things to avoid when using an ab roller to work out is tensing your body up – this won’t help your workouts. A lot of people also make the mistake of using strength from their arms to push the ab roller forward. This means you’re engaging your lats, your triceps and your biceps in raising your body but your core will get no workout at all. You should only ever be gently pushing the rolling frame forward with your hands – not forcing it and let your abs/core do most of the work here.

It’s also a good idea to do each ab roller crunch slowly – don’t rush them. You’ll get better results from a set of 10, focused and slow ab crunches than 100 crappy, fast ones. Rushing through an ab workout means you’ll probably have bad form and your abs just won’t see the results you’re wanting so badly.

Ab Roller Exercises

There are 3 main ab roller exercises that you can do.

1. The Crunch

Lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your heels about 8 inches from your bum – so that your knees are raised slightly. Now breathing out slowly roll the ab roller forward until you feel a strong contraction of your muscles and inhale as you’re returning to your start position. Repeat this in sets of 8 to start off with.

2. Oblique Crunch

Lie on your side with your knees curled almost up to your stomach – leave about a 10-inch gap there. Now grabbing the roller gently with the flats of your hands raise your body slightly off the floor and you should feel your oblique muscles starting to hurt – these are your “love handle” muscles and this exercise really works to melt those away. Once you feel you feel a small amount of pain from the muscle contraction then relax and breathe out as you roll back to your starting position. Repeat this in sets of 6 to start off with.

3. Reverse Crunch

This is basically the opposite to a normal crunch so lie with your back flat on your exercise mat and grip your ab roller firmly. Now cross your legs at the feet or shins and instead of pulling yourself forward in a crunch this time pull your knees towards your chest. As you’re pulling your knees upwards you need to breathe out and you should feel your abs tighten almost instantly. Once you’ve pulled your knees upwards as far as you can, without causing injury, you can inhale and lower them back down to the floor again. Repeat this in sets of 6 to start off with.

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Ab Toner Belt (abdominal belt) Advice & Tips For Effective Toning

If you’ve been trying to lose weight or improve your abs for the last few years you’ve probably come across a lot of solutions for losing fat from your belly and toning your abs at the same time. No doubt you’ve found all kinds of ab belts and ab toning belt systems advertised both online and offline but you probably didn’t believe that they worked or could be as effective as doing hundreds of crunches for example. Although it’s not advertised very often these ab toners are used by athletes and celebrities too of course – Bruce Lee being one of the most famous.

An abdominal toning belt works on the principle of using electrical impulses to make your ab muscles contract and then relax afterwards, which is exactly what you achieve when you’re doing a set of crunches for example but the ab belts allow you to work out your muscles without having to break a sweat. If you’re currently on the fence on buying an ab toner belt we’re going to take a quick look at the best abdominal toning belt systems for men, women and of course unisex models too – think of this as your personal shopping guide to these electronic wonders.

Best Men’s Ab Toning Belt

There are dozens of different ab toning belt manufacturers out there but Slendertone have carved out their own major slice of the abdominal toning belt market and in the male segment of that market the Slendertone System Abs for Men is one of the very best products you’re going to find available online or offline. Slendertone have refined their approach to abs toners over the years and their ab toner belts are just really well made and very comfortable to wear. On top of that instead of having 400 wires hanging out of you the Slendertone men’s abs belt has adhesive pads that stick to the inside of the belt and are held in place by the belt itself and the velcro strap, which fastens around your back.

The control unit for the Slendertone is at the front of the belt for easy access – there’s no fumbling involved. This ab toning belt has 99 different intensity levels and once you get up around level 30 or 40 you really start to feel the burn from the contractions. The control unit is also fully rechargeable so you won’t have to go fumbling with batteries when it’s time to replace them. And of course the Slendertone System Abs For Men comes with a 2-year warranty and Slendertone are one of those companies who actually replace faulty products instead of just trying to repair them.

Best Women’s Ab Belt

Slendertone also make a great range of women’s abdominal toning belts because women are just as worried about developing their abs as men are. In fact women have to work far, far harder to develop a six pack than a man does – something to do with body fat composition, so they need every bit of additional help they can get. The Slendertone System Abs Toning Belt Women’s is a wonderfully neat little ab toning system which is made up of a neoprene padded belt with a velcro strap that can fit a waistline from 22-inches to 47-inches so it can accommodate even the more fully figured woman.

As with the men’s unit the control unit is neatly integrated into the belt as are the actual electro stimulation pads themselves. This means instead of having 20 different shaped pads strapped to your body with 3 or 4 different straps you simply wrap the Slendertone System Abs Toning Belt around your waist and turn it on – you’ll only need to adjust the position to work different abdominal muscle groups.

There are 7 individual toning programs you can use so that your abdominals don’t develop too much “muscle memory” and these will help you to keep your ab workouts nicely varied and there’s an automatic warm-up and cool-down phase built into each training program too. If anything goes wrong with your Slendertone System Abs Toning Belt Women’s in the first 2-years you have a full warranty to cover any problems you might have.

Even the most sceptical of users have found the Slendertone range of ab toning belts to be a great investment in firmer and more toned abs.

Best Unisex Abs Belt

And of course Slendertone have catered for people who wanted a unisex ab toner with the Slendertone Gymbody Plus Unisex Toning belt. This abdominal toning belt is a little bit different because it’s the only one of the Slendertone models that we’ve reviewed here that isn’t rechargeable and relies on batteries instead. The control unit for the Gymbody Plus Unisex belt clips into a slotted attachment on the front of the belt – this means you can remove it when you need to replace the batteries but the batteries themselves last for a long time in most cases.

The belt is made of the same neoprene type material as the other Slendertone units and it has the same velcro strap at the back but because it’s unisex it can accommodate a waistline of up to 47 so it’s suitable for people who are even quite badly out of shape. Using this form of muscle stimulation, based on the patented Slendertone Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology, gives you the same workout in 20-minutes as you’d get doing over 120-situps or crunches.

What kind of results can you expect? A scientific study into the effectiveness of Slendertone products has shown that 100% of people who have used this product for the recommended initial 4-week period reported that they had firmer and more toned abdominal muscles afterwards. If you’re looking for an ab toner belt that you can share with your partner then the Slendertone Gymbody Plus Unisex Toning belt is a good investment in a trimmer waistline.

5 Tips For Using Abs Toner Belts

As wonderful as ab belts are and the electro muscle stimulation technology that drives them they’re not a miracle cure for having a bulging belly and here are a few simple tips to make sure you get the absolute most from your ab toning belt experience.

1. Follow a healthy diet – there’s no point in strapping on an ab toning belt and sitting on your sofa eating crisps. Cut down the amount of fatty foods you eat.

2. Make sure the pads are clean of fluff and body hair before you use them because this reduces how effective they are. If they’re a little bit dirty then wet your fingers and wipe them clean.

3. The pads will eventually wear out because they’re adhesive so after about 12-months you should be looking at getting a new set of pads from the folks at Slendertone.

4. Don’t just the same workout over and over again. Use a different workout every other day and vary the length of time and intensity of each workout too.

5. Don’t just focus on one single part of your abs – target all of them so that includes obliques, upper, lower and middle abs too.

Are There Any Risks Of Using Abdominal Toning Belts?

The Slendertone range of belts are FDA approved but make sure that if you decide to use another brand of ab toning belt that they’ve received FDA approval.

Pregnant women should also avoid using ab toning belts both during all stages of their pregnancy and to also wait 6-weeks after giving birth before using one. You also need to seek medical advice before using an ab toning belt if you have a pacemaker fitted or if you have had a serious cardiac issue in your past or more recent medical history.

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Abdominal Machines & Exercise Equipment That Work For Amazing Flat Stomachs And Six Packs

Having well developed stomach muscles or a six pack looks good anywhere you are. You’ll notice anyone with a six pack at the beach doing their best to show it off and let’s be honest when you want a six pack and don’t have one jealousy is a fairly normal reaction. But apart from just looking good a six pack also has actual health benefits. For example when your core muscles are that well developed you’ll find that back pain becomes a thing of the past and you’ll also notice that your posture and balance improves. And let’s not forget the fact that the more lean muscle you have the more fat you can burn off even when you’re not exercising.

Now you can either try to develop that killer six pack all on your own or you can use an abs machine to help you get better results and also achieve those results in less time. That’s the beauty of an abs machine – it helps you get your six pack faster and more safely too.

What To Look For In Great Abs Machines

Your abdominal exercise equipment needs to perform one single and simple function and that’s to give your abs a thorough workout. There are lots of ways for any piece of ab exercise equipment to help you tone and sculpt your stomach muscles but regardless of how they actually achieve the goal of working out your abs the goal is the same – help you shape up your stomach. Your own personal preferences are going to come into play too when choosing exercise machines for your stomach and your physique is going to be a factor too. So for example an ab roller wheel might suit some people who have a reasonable level of fitness already whereas other people are going to need something a little easier to start off with a like a ab roller to help with your crunches.

When it comes to making your actual abs exercise equipment buying decision one way to make the whole process that little bit easier is to invest in brand name exercise equipment. Now that doesn’t mean you should only buy Weider or York exercise equipment but you can also rely on recommendations from your friends because there are always new brands of abs equipment coming onto the market all the time so don’t discount a brand just because you don’t recognize it.

You can also use online reviews to find ab machines that work, offer great value for money and are popular with anyone who uses them. Just make sure you don’t rely on just one single review of a product – you need to get information from multiple sources and also deliberately look for negative reviews too – there’s bound to be some out there.

What Is The Best Abs Machine That Works?

Deciding which is the best ab machine is a tough puzzle to solve because every single person on this planet is different. We might all look the same and be roughly the same shape but when it comes to exercise and focusing on a specific muscle group we’re all different too. For example some people will just have the type of genetics where they can lose all their belly fat and develop a 6 pack with almost no effort while others are going to have to follow a very strict diet and exercise plan to emulate those same results.

The reality is that all abdominal “machines” work firstly because it would be very bad marketing to try to sell a piece of exercise equipment that does nothing for the user and any exercise that you’re giving your abs will be good for them – be it through a crunch roller, an ab roller wheel or using an abs exercise bench instead. Getting any form of exercise is going to be better than getting no exercise at all.

Here’s a list of the most popular stomach exercise equipment on the market with something , we feel, to suit every taste, ability and physique.

Ab Circle Pro Abdominal Exerciser

The Ab Circle Pro is that little bit different when it comes to abdominal machines; it still works your stomach muscles but is a different approach to the standard “six pack machine”. This abb machine not only works your abs but it works them all at the same time. You get a workout that targets your upper and lower abs and also works your obliques at the exact same time too – so your entire core is being worked at the exact same time. The Ab Circle Pro achieved this by using a side-to-side swinging motion which uses gravity to help with your workout and it also takes all the strain off your back and neck too. This stomach exerciser also works out your bum and thighs too – all you need to do is change a single clip on it to get an entirely new workout. The Ab Circle Pro comfortable sculpted knee “pads”, built-in workout computer and padded workout handles to keep your upper body steady and supported while you’re working out.

Using ab workout machines like this can take a little bit of getting used to but it’s all worth the effort because you’re getting a great mix of cardio and a core muscle workout at the exact same time. The people behind the Ab Circle Pro say that you can achieve results in as little as 3-minutes per day but that’s obviously the bare minimum amount of time you can spend working your abs. This piece of abdominal equipment also folds flat for storage when you’re finished with it.

This stomach exercise machine is a unique take on the usual ab machines you see for sale online.

66fit Abdominal Roller Wheel with Knee Pad

Ab roller wheels are deceptive in that they don’t look like they’d give you a very tough workout but even guys who have done Special Forces training find these taxing on the core muscles. The idea is simple – you’re holding onto an unstable wheel and using your core to extend your body into a stretched position and then return to your starting position. It looks so easy that any kind could do it but once you’ve done maybe a half dozen of these (if you get that far) you’ll realize that the 66Fit Abdominal Roller Wheel is more than just a toy and offers a very serious core workout.

Made from lightweight PVC the 66Fit Abdominal Roller Wheel weighs almost nothing and also means that it’s highly portable so if you want to bring your workout on holidays with you then an ab roller wheel like this is going to make a lot of sense. This ab roller has two wheels on it where most only have one so you’re getting an extra level of balance and a bit more support for your back and shoulders when doing an ab roller wheel workout. This roller also comes with a mat so you can save tearing your knees on your floors.

Confidence Ab Master Pro Series Ab Trainer

The abs bench is one of the most traditional styles of ab workout there is and the Confidence Ab Master Pro Series is one of the better ab benches you’ll find on the market today. Confidence may not be a brand you’re familiar with but they make great ab products and this bench combines a traditional abs bench with an ab roller so you can use it just for doing manual crunches on your own or you can use the roller to help with your crunch form. Steel construction and extra thick padding on the back and neck rest means that you’re investing in an ab bench that’s going to serve you for years to come.

Despite the sturdy construction this abs bench can still be folded away for when it’s not in use so it doesn’t turn into a clothes horse – like most home exercise equipment does.

Weider Crunch Trainer

If you just want a straightforward abs work out then an ab roller like the Weider Crunch Trainer is ideal for that. You get a smooth rolling action so that your core muscles are getting the workout that they need. Using the Weider Crunch Trainer means that you can put your abdominal muscles through 12-different exercises that target your upper, middle and lower abs as well as giving your obliques plenty of attention too. This abdominal exerciser comes with a DVD with all the instructions and workout tips you’ll need.

Cheaper Abdominal Exercise Equipment

For years if anyone used the word cheap it was usually instantly associated with “poor quality” but that isn’t always the case. Some of the big fitness equipment companies like York and Weider are guilty of overcharging for their products simply because they carry their brand name. You’ll find that there are plenty of “cheaper” brands out there that do just as good a job as the big brand names and for about 50% of the cost in some cases.

The only thing you need to watch out for when it comes to exercise equipment is items that are too cheap – like incredibly cheap. So if you’re looking at an abs bench that’s going to set you back £80 and you find one for sale for £10 by some totally unknown brand then you’ll need to think twice. There’s cheap and then there’s just too cheap when it comes to this type of equipment and the last thing you want happening is your abs bench collapsing underneath you in the middle of a workout.

Is There Any Difference Between Flat Stomach Exercise Equipment & Six Pack Machines?

Any piece of exercise equipment that specifically targets your core muscles/your abs will work to give you a flat stomach or a six pack. When you’ve worked your core enough that your stomach is flat it’s then a matter of reducing your body fat content and focusing on your lower, middle and upper abs to actually develop that six pack look – the muscle is already there you just need to define it and get rid of all the fat covering it.

So there’s no difference between a piece of exercise equipment designed to give you a flat stomach and one designed to give you a six pack.

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AB Benches Reviewed – Which Is The Best Abs Bench?

Having a six pack makes you look good no matter what age you are – it’s like the pinnacle of any exercise routine. Even if you’ve worked on developing your triceps, biceps and chest muscles nothing is going to give you the “fit and strong” look quite as well as a six pack will. In the world of fitness and body building 6-pack abs are what most people aspire to and, if we’re being honest here, it’s what most average people aspire to as well. I mean who doesn’t want a rock hard six pack to replace the 2-gallon gut they’re carrying around right now?

Now one of the key things with any exercise, especially abdominal exercises, is that simply doing them 1,000 times in a row isn’t ever enough – your form matters as much as the number of repetitions you do. You’ll see people do this all the time in the gym – they’re hammering away doing push-ups but they’re just swinging their groin down at the floor and barely moving their arms. Ab exercises are the same so sometimes it’s nice to have a piece of equipment to help your form and an ab bench is ideal, because they both help your form and also give you a stable, comfortable and safe area to perform your abs routine on.

But which abs bench is going to best suit your needs?

Confidence Ab Master Pro Series Ab Trainer

The Confidence range of ab benches are one of the most popular you’re going to find online and not only are they popular but they always get great reviews from people who buy and use them. The Confidence Ab Master Pro is designed to help you work all of your abs – including your middle, lower and upper abs as well as allowing you to work your obliques and all without putting any strain on your neck or back. The biggest problem with most people doing abs exercises is that they pull at their necks doing sit-ups or crunches and this causes injuries whereas this abs bench makes sure that this can’t happen because of the Ab Master’s rolling action which allows smooth ab exercise routines with the added benefit of neck and back support.

This abs bench is finished in black and silver and has enough padding to support you through even the most strenuous of workouts – even though the Confidence Ab Master Pro is suitable for people of any fitness level. This ab bench folds away for easy storage when not in use but once you’re using it you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll probably find it hard to put away.

Medicarn Pro AB Bench

When you’re considering investing in an abs bench to help you sculpt those perfect abs you’ve always dreamt of then it’s a good move to invest in a name you can trust. Not only is Medicarn Fitness a brand name you can trust but the Medicarn Ab Bench Pro was one of the best selling fitness products of 2009. So if you’re looking for “intelligent” abdominal exercise benches then the Medicarn Pro Ab Bench should be pretty high up on your shopping list.

The bench itself is finished in gunmetal gray and is also fitted with thick and comfortable padding to support your back and neck during your exercise routine and because this abs bench helps give you real focus on your efforts you’ll see results more quickly by using this abs bench than not. As a company Medicarn puts a lot of effort into constructing high quality fitness equipment that will serve you will both now and in the future.

If you want to strengthen your core muscles and get a new and trimmer waistline then the fold-away Medicarn Pro Ab Bench is one to consider. The Medicarn Ab Pro bench also comes with additional peace of mind in the form of a 12-month warranty which covers repair or replacement of the bench if it develops any faults.

Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer is that striking red colour that the foam support pads are finished in. This makes it feel more like a piece of gym equipment because it’s the same colour you’ll find used on foam pads in most gyms and it also “feels” a lot brighter than the usual grey finish you’ll find on most home gym equipment.

The Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer is ideal for targeting those problem abdominal areas that you might have because it can target all of your core muscles including your obliques (love handle area), upper abs, middle abs and of course your lower abs also. Most people just do ab crunches when it comes to working their abs and then can’t understand why they don’t see results for all of their core but you can change that with the smooth 200-degree range of motion offered by the Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer ab bench and you can make your workout out as tough or as easy as you like with the choice of 5 resistance levels to customize your workout fully.

On top of being very comfortable to use you also get great support from the thick padding used and the smooth action of the roller makes this ab bench a joy to use. And let’s not forget the digital computer that’s built into this ab bench/roller too – this is one of the very, very few ab benches on the market that offers this functionality.

A professional abs bench at this price with the added bonus of a digital computer to monitor your workout is going to be very hard to find – unless of course you’re investing in the Ab Pro Home Abdominal Exercise Fitness Trainer of course!

Hopefully our quick review of the top 3 ab benches on the market has helped answer any basic questions you might have and also helped you make up your mind about which of these ab benches you’re going to use to create that toned and trim six pack that your friends are going to be so jealous of!

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Which is the Best Ab Shaper? Weider Crunch Trainer vs. Ab Circle Pro

It is important to exercise and there are so many different pieces of equipment available, it can be difficult to decide what to purchase. If you want to know the best ab shaper, this comparison is for you.

Traits of a Great Ab Shaper

Your ab shaper should have a variety of traits to make it the best. One thing to look for is a variety of controls. You want an ab shaper that has varying degrees of firmness control. When you start out, you will want to start out low and move upwards. You want an ab shaper that has many different controls so you can always have the best workout.

The piece of equipment you use should also work the entire ab area. Along with this, it should be something you will actually use and should be ergonomically designed to be as kind to your body as possible.

If you have a small space, it may be beneficial to find an ab shaper that folds up to save space.

Weider Crunch Trainer

The Weider Crunch trainer is an abdominal exercise machine. It includes a built in comfort mat, a comfort pillow and handle bars. It is made to be used while you are lying down. This is a manual piece of equipment that helps you do crunches easily and safely.

It comes with a DVD full of instructions and exercise routines. Over twelve different exercises can be performed using this trainer and it is made to be as comfortable as possible.

Another great asset with this trainer is the fact that it folds up to save you some space. You can store it underneath a bed, in a closet or in many other areas, and it is easy to set up. For more information, please visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/Weider-821026-Crunch-Trainer/dp/B000KPCFZS/ref=sr_1_1?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1338472778&sr=1-1.

Ab Circle ProAb Circle Pro System

This piece of equipment is made to work your abs, but also works on your buttocks, thighs and hips as well. It helps tone your body, but is also great to be used as a cardio workout.

It comes with three different resistance levels, so whether you are new to the exercise regimen or have been using this for a few months, you can find exactly what you need.

Some assembly is required in the beginning, but after it is assembled, it will easily fold up to make more room. It folds up small enough to fit under a standard bed.

The Ab Circle Pro is fun and gets you moving in ways that other Ab shapers can’t. Watch the instruction DVD, or pop in your favourite movie and exercise away those annoying love handles. When you purchase this piece of exercise equipment, you get the machine, a nutrition guide, the instructions on DVD and a personal performance computer.

No matter which ab shaper you choose, either one works wonderfully. However, the Ab Circle Pro works more than just your abs, it works your entire body and is even great as a cardio workout. However, you will be on your knees to use this machine, which can be difficult for some. For more information, please visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ab-Circle-Pro-Abdominal-Exerciser/dp/B004LQ0JLO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1338472151&sr=8-2.

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Types of Sit Up Machines

While there seem to be an endless supply of different tools to enhance abdominal fitness, they can be reduced to a relatively small set of groups. The first to consider is the floor, which is free and universally available. Simply lie down with your knees straightened or bent and gradually raise your torso upwards, then gradually lower it. Don’t strive for maximum reps; form is far more important and the slow process will yield beautiful results with the smaller muscles enhanced. It’s more lasting.  Also, you can do this at home while watching TV or listening to music, and so you can’t even call it down time. Look at the The Directory of Abdominal Exercises for some good ideas.

Next, consider the Reebok Core Board and its exercises. These enhance the results possible from a given amount of time, but it’s especially important to use them correctly. Study the directions until you’re sure that you know what you’re doing. (This is good advice for all exercise equipment.)

The Bosu Ball is a hemisphere that rests on a stable rubber base. By leaning over it, you can enhance the range of motion that’s possible for abdominal exercises, and you can get faster results than from simply sit ups.

Abdominal rollers are special harness-type sit up machines that are specially designed to enhance specific types of stretch and lift. They can be hazardous if misused, so be careful.

Hanging leg devices that hang from a surface or from your body can also be used to enhance results, but they are limited by the fact that they rely on muscles other than your abs to support the abs, which can be a problem for some users. On the other hand, abdominal straps that hang can be a solution to this problem. The key with this and all equipment is either to try it before you buy it, or get it from a reputable company that has a 100% satisfaction money back policy.

There are also electric toning devices, and some of them are hyped out of recognition from their actual functions. The Neurocare device is an exception. You can try it out in a chiropractor’s office, and then buy one after determining that it works for you.

Ab wheels are an inexpensive choice that gives extended range of motion. However, it is important to have the arm strength to control the device or you can do yourself harm.

Exercise balls are similar to the hemispherical equipment mentioned above, but they have the advantage/disadvantage that they roll. The rolling allows for development of muscles across a natural “range of motion” that is important to some persons and can enhance your balance while strengthening abs. Their instability makes your muscles work more because you’re trying to maintain balance continuously.

One good choice is a slanting board, which provides extra leverage against which your body must work. It’s similar to increasing the resistance on an exercise machine such as a track or rowing device; a higher angle means more resistance on this sit up machine.

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The Best Ab Toner

Ever since the first person struggled with doing sit-ups and crunches, and thought, “There must be a better way!” there have been machines promising to help tone and strengthen these muscles, without the endless hours of repetition.

Sit-ups and crunches are easy to do … and easy to do wrong. In fact, far from giving you the washboard abs of your dreams, crunches and sit-ups done incorrectly will actually add a bulging layer of muscle across your abs, making you look fatter.

Exercise regimens such as Pilates that work your core muscles are great for toning your abs, but you need to study with a skilled trainer to make sure your form is correct. Otherwise, not only won’t you get the results you want, but you could injure your back, neck, or spine.

If you belong to a gym, they have great, high-quality exercise machines to help you tone your obliques, upper abs, and lower abs. If you don’t have a gym membership, or can’t spare the time to get to the gym every day, however, those great machines don’t do you any good.

The best ab toner is…

For those reasons and more, the best ab toneris a machine that will ensure you are exercising all of your abdominal muscles, upper, lower, and oblique. It needs to ensure that you maintain proper form automatically, without requiring a trainer to watch over you. And it must be a machine that lets you easily fit your exercise into your schedule, ideally letting you do something else at the same time.

The ideal machine for toning abs will also do more than simply work the abs. You can have incredibly strong abdominal muscles, but no one will notice them if they’re covered with a layer of fat. So you need to have a machine that will not just work your abs, but will also work the leg muscles, since the muscles in your thighs contribute more to boosting your metabolism and melting away the fat than any other muscle group in the body.

Finally, you don’t want to go to all the work of getting six-pack abs that impress people from the front, only to lose their respect because you’ve got a droopy backside. So the ideal machine will not only work your abs and the muscles in your thighs, but it will tone and tighten your buttocks as well.

The Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro meets all of those criteria for being the ideal ab toning machine. The patent-pending circular track is friction-free, so you’re not tensing your neck or back to fight against gravity. The locking mechanism keeps your knees positioned correctly as you swing them from side to side, ensuring that you work the obliques, upper, and lower abs with optimal form. Simply by unlocking the mechanism, the machine is transformed into a power exerciser to target your buttocks and thighs.

This machine is made from the same high-quality materials as exercise equipment for a gym, but you can use it in the comfort and convenience of your own home. It even folds flat for easy storage after you’ve done your workout for the day. Best of all, that workout only takes 3 minutes! You couldn’t even get to the gym in 3 minutes, let alone do an entire workout.

Buy the Ab Circle Pro online

When you buy the Ab Circle Pro online, you get more than just the Ab Circle Workout Machine. You also get a nutrition guide to help you lose your love handles, a personal performance computer, and an instructional DVD that will demonstrate exactly how to do the 3-minute express workout.

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Honest Contour Abs Belt Review

It would be nice if you could just wear your Contour Abs belt and lose inches off your stomach without any effort, but they don’t typically work that way. To make your Contour Abs belt work and to lose those stubborn inches around your middle, you need to wear it often and still exercise and eat right. The Contour Abs belt works to tighten skin and keep muscles tensed and flexed throughout the day, which is why it does help to create a slim, whittled waist. Those electromagnetic pulses will strengthen and firm muscles around the midsection, and this increase in muscle tone helps to keep your metabolism increased and to give you the look of a flat stomach that is toned and lean.

A Contour Abs belt doesn’t work to cover layers of fat, so you still need to be mindful of the calories you take in and keep up with your aerobic activity as well. This will burn calories and burn fat and help the Contour Abs belt tow work more effectively. Working the stomach muscles won’t do much if those muscles are buried under layers of fat, and the Contour Abs belt doesn’t give much of an aerobic workout on its own. To make it work properly you still need to work out and eliminate empty calories from your diet.

One benefit of the Contour Abs belt is that it can take the place of sit-ups and crunches, which is a benefit for those who find them difficult to do and who don’t want to spend hours on the floor performing these exercises. The Contour Abs belt will work those stomach muscles for you so that they get toned and lean and you can easily build a six pack around your midsection without time in the gym or on your mat. You can also wear it under your clothes so you’re getting a workout even when shopping or just watching television, which is also a great timesaver. Using a Contour Abs belt is great if you use it with these other changes to your routine.

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Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser (Abdominal Exerciser) vs. Ab Circle Pro

The Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser is one of the best abs exercisers on the market today. Unlike the Ab Circle Pro, the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser combines aerobic activity with abdominal exercises so that you can burn calories and show off that flat, toned tummy in no time. There are six adjustable setting with the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser, making it one of the best and most flexible abdominal exercisers on the market, and making it a perfect choice for anyone no matter their level of fitness.

To use the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser, you place yourself on the knee pads and that, holding on to the secure bar, swing yourself in semi-circles or scissor kick your legs behind you. Your abs will get the best workout since they keep you steady and work against your body weight and gravity itself to put you into position.

Other abs exercisers are flimsy and don’t work your body as much throughout a circular movement. This means you need to work twice as hard to get the results as you would with the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser. You also don’t have variable settings, so you cannot ratchet up the tension and work your abs even harder for a more advanced workout. Most abs exercisers also don’t allow you to scissor kick your legs, which means you can’t work your lower abdominals and oblique. With the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser, you get a complete and total workout that burns calories and fat, builds muscles, and gives you a long, lean look in no time.

The Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser also folds away and easily stores under a bed orAb Circle Pro System


 in a closet when not in use. This will allow you to work out at home quickly and efficiently, any time

Before you decide on an abs exerciser or waste time trying to do sit-ups on your own at home, consider the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser. It’s lightweight and portable but packs a workout that is challenging and that burns calories while building muscle around the midsection. It’s just what you need to tone up and slim down, and to get that six pack you deserve. of the day or night. No more waiting in long lines at


the gym or heading out after a day in the office; you can take your Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser with you when you travel or get in a quick workout every day of the week, and then put your Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser out of sight. This also makes it a perfect choice for those in apartments and small homes who may not have room for complicated, bulky equipment to work their abs.

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