Slendertone Scam – Why There Have Been Scam Rumours

Slendertone has come under some scrutiny because there are some that claim they are a scam. People and corporations are claiming that Slendertone has given false advertising on infomercials, television commercials, and printed advertisements. However, these Slendertone scam claims are false.

Slendertone has not scammed anyone; when customers write reviews of their product, they use that information for any advertising they choose. Many customers have claimed that they noticed results from using the product and did not have to do any other exercising. As they sat and watched television or drove to work, the constant contracting of their muscles helped them lose a size and be able to fit into their clothing.

Slendertone did not pay anyone to say these things; they were real reviews from real customers.

Not only have other companies cried scam, but some customers have even cried the same. All of these rumours are unfounded. Many of the customers claimed to purchase the product and use it for two or more months with absolutely no results. However, results are not typical in everyone and it is known that for best results, you should exercise and have a good diet. Those who claim these products do not work have probably not followed directions properly.

Many other customers are unhappy that they must pay for extra accessories, and therefore claim the entire Slendertone product line is a scam. This is also untrue. For added comfort, they sell special pads that are used between the skin and the product. In many cases, they provide you with at least one set of these pads. These pads are not made to be used indefinitely. They will stretch out and become less sticky over time. It is important to change these pads and purchase replacement pads. Slendertone has never mentioned these pads would work forever and have always made it clear that extra pads cost extra money.

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Slendertone Reviews – Flex, Flex Max, Pads, Abs System & Gymbody

Slendertone reviews are important so you can make the best decision for your abs toning. Slendertone is a company that makes products to help tone your abdomen area. These products include EMS technology, which is electrical stimulation. They use this stimulation to contract the muscles in the abdomen, which helps tone them. They have been making and upgrading these products to be the best and most comfortable to wear, as well as being able to wear them wherever you go. Welcome to our Slendertone reviews. Please feel free to browse and read our reviews. We gather reviews from many different online sources and create one large review from those. These are as honest as possible and are all based on real feedback from real customers. We pride ourselves on reviewing both men’s and women’s products and review their entire range.

Slendertone Flex Reviews

The Slendertone Flex is an abdominal toner that is battery operated and contains four different toning programs. It comes with two sets of gel pads and many people agree that this really works. Many have complained about the price, but they also agree that the price is worth it, as the product works great.

You will not notice immediate results. It is made to be used for at least six weeks to notice results, and the longer you wear it, the better the results will be.

One review website had a total of 46 reviews, and many others had approximately the same amount. These reviews were all based on a five point scale. Most gave generally good reviews, based on if the product worked, and how easy it was to use.

Many have complained that you must be in relatively good shape to notice results, but no matter your size, you will feel the results. As you continue to use the product and perform exercise, you will continuously feel the results and notice them as you slim down.

Many others have mentioned that one of the bad qualities of this product is its price. However, they do realise that good products that work will cost more than those that don’t work. It is a toss up between everyone who has commented on the price, because they enjoy their results and know it is an investment for the future.

Many have also mentioned that when they started using the toning belt, they could not go over level 50 in intensity and after a month, they are almost at the highest intensity. This proves that the toning belt works, because their abs are able to withstand more electrical current.

The general consensus seems to be that if you are generally fit, but have weak abs, this is the perfect solution for you.

Slendertone Flex Max Reviews

After perusing many different review sites, the Flex Max works. Those who have written reviews want others to know that this product must be used with an exercise regimen. You will not have great abs just by sitting on the couch and wearing this product. However, if you really want to lose weight and get in shape, this product is great to help with that.

Many agree that this product works and does what it promises and are willing to give it three and a half stars out of five. As long as you start out slow and work your way up, you will have the results you want from using this product.

Slendertone Pads

These pads are extremely sticky on one side and cushiony on the other. They are made to be used exclusively with Slendertone products. There are different versions, such as the arm pads, tush pads, and the regular abs pads.

These cushioned pads make wearing the belt easier. It is important to wear the belt for at least 30 minutes, five days a week. Without cushioning, the belt would be most uncomfortable. There are many places where you can purchase these pads and it is important to change them periodically. As you will be using the belt a lot, it is important to note that the pads will start to stretch out after many uses and they will not stick after a while.

SlendertoneGymbody Reviews

The SlendertoneGymbody is easy to use and is unisex. It includes two different programs to get a great workout without working out. It is best to be used whilst doing an exercise regimen, but you can feel results by just sitting down and relaxing.

Everyone who reviewed this product would recommend this product to friends or family. It received an average of four and a half stars out of five, which is a great average.

Most everyone mentioned its ease of use and that it works well. They also mention that it has a good price.

Most of the reviewers mentioned that they purchased this product knowing they wouldn’t be exercising in any other way and have still noticed results, such as being able to fit into a favourite pair of jeans.

Others mention that it is slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, because it takes some getting used to. They also say it is important to stay with the product, because it does work.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these Slendertone Reviews.

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Slendertone Range for Men

Slendertone has so many great products that have been designed specifically for men. Their different products include:

  • Slendertone Flex GO Toner

    • This is the least expensive toner, and includes two training programmes and 99 intense levels. It comes with a controller (battery operated), and a travel pouch. It hasEMStoning technology, like all other Slendertone products.
  • Slendertone Arms Muscle Training System

    • This toning system is designed just for your arms. There are three different programmes and 99 intensity levels. It comes with two sets of gel pads, an instruction manual, and a rechargeable controller.
  • Slendertone Ultra Abdominal Muscle Toner

    • It comes with theEMStoning technology and is proven to tone your abs in six weeks. Included with the toning belt are batteries, a travel pouch, and an instruction manual.
  • Slendertone System Abdominal Muscle Toner

    • It comes with the famousEMStoning technology and is made to be used for 30 minutes a day, five times per week. There are 99 different intensity levels and seven different programmes, so you will always have a varied exercise course. It also comes with batteries, a travel pouch and an instruction manual.
  • Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner

    • This toning belt is very similar to the Slendertone System belt. It has everything the Slendertone System has, but also comes with a set of gel pads for more comfort when using the belt. You will also receive a convenient travel case and batteries.
  • Slendertone Flex Abdominal Toner

    • This toning belt has four different toning programmes available to help you vary your regimen. It also comes with 99 different levels of intensity so no matter how many times you have used this belt, you will get a new and different intensity. You will also receive two sets of gel pads, along with a travelling case and batteries.
  • Other Accessories

    • You can purchase extra gel pads for either arms or abs, so you can always exercise in comfort.

All of these Slendertone products are backed by Slendertone and are guaranteed to work when used as directed. To purchase Slendertone products like the ones mentioned above, you can visit They carry all Slendertone for men products, such as the ones mentioned here. Visit Amazon now to find more information, read product reviews from people who have used these products, and to purchase your new SlendertoneAb Toner.

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Slendertone Gymbody 8 VS GymbodyPlus Comparison

If you are in need of help to tone your annoying stomach fat, you are not alone. It is a known fact that your stomach fat is the hardest to get rid of and tone, followed by the upper arms in a close second. It is important to feel good about yourself and be healthy, so consider using a toning belt to help you.

SlendertoneGymbody 8

This is one of the first electrical toning muscle products that were made and is one of the strangest as well. It looks odd, because is comes with a set of eight electrical pads that are attached to your skin on different areas of the stomach (or other areas). It has CSI technology and the electrical charges that go through the pads stimulate your stomach muscles, which forces them to contract repeatedly. This helps tone the muscles. It’s supposed to be like doing many crunches.

Many people find this product is outdated and difficult to use because you must place the sticky pads to the areas yourself. It is easy to place them and they stick well, but it is sometimes difficult to find the right areas in which to place these pads. However, if you have specific areas you want toned, this can work great because you can place the pad wherever you want.

Others have mentioned this system is not easy move around. You are attached to these eight different sticky pads and have to pick up the entire system to move around. It is also fairly uncomfortable to use or wear. Many people have also mentioned the “shocks” you receive are too strong and are slightly painful.

The Gymbody PlusSlendertone GymbodyPlus

This is a toning belt and is considered unisex, which means both men and women can use this belt. It is simple to use, in that you simply wrap it around you and use the Velcro to hold it in place. This belt is very lightweight and can be worn comfortably. It comes with two different programmes and 99 different intensity levels.

It has been proven that using this product for six weeks, five times a week, 30 minutes each time, will tone and strengthen your abs.

It comes with a manual, batteries, and replacement pads.

The Gymbody 8 is completely different than the Gymbody Plus. The Gymbody Plus system is user friendly and can be worn anywhere. Simply strap it on and go wherever you need to be. The Gymbody 8 is not so versatile. You have many different pads stuck to you, along with all the wires. In order to move around, you must hold the box. Therefore, you can’t wear it while exercising or cleaning your house.

With the Gymbody 8, you are required to place the pads yourself and you only have eight different pads to place. The Gymbody Plus has an electrically charged belt that you simply wrap around yourself. You can move the belt easily to be where you need the most work. The electric charges are sent to specific places, but the entire area gets some of the electric charge to help contract more muscles.

In essence, the Gymbody Plus is a better product than the Gymbody 8, though both can be purchased from Visit them for more information or to purchase.

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Slendertone for Women – The Best Women’s Products

Slendertone has many great products designed specifically for women. They have many different toners available. These include:

  • Slendertone System Abdominal Muscle Toner

    • It comes with theEMStoning technology that has made Slendertone famous and is proven to give you more toned abs in just a few weeks. It is to be used for 30 minutes each day, five days a week. It comes with seven different programmes that varies your workout and pulses to keep your body’s attention. Also included are batteries, an instruction manual, and a travel pouch so you can take it wherever you go.
  • Slendertone Ultra Abdominal Muscle Toner

    • This toner comes with the famousEMStoning technology and is also proven to tone your abs in six weeks. It comes with 10 different programmes and 130 levels of intensity. Your body will always have something new when you use this toner belt. It also comes with two sets of gel pads to make you comfortable as you tone. When you purchase this, you will also receive free batteries, a travel pouch, and an instruction manual.
  • Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner

    • This is similar to the Slendertone System mentioned above, but it also comes with a set of gel pads. It is also proven to help tone abs better and has seven programmes and 99 intensity levels. It also comes with batteries and a travel pouch.
  • Slendertone Flex Abdominal Toner

    • This toner belt is slightly less expensive than other toning systems and has four different toning programmes available. It also provides 99 different intensity levels and gives you two sets of gel pads for added comfort.
  • Slendertone Flex GO Abdominal Toner

    • This toning belt is the least expensive of the lot and only has two different training programmes. However, it does carry 99 different intense levels. It does not include any gel pads, but does come with a battery powered controller and travel pouch like the other belts.
  • Other Slendertone Accessories

    • You can also purchase extra gel pads. These special offers send you pads automatically, so you never run out.

All of these Slendertone products can be found on many online web sites, including No matter what type of Slendertone for women you are looking for, you can find it on Amazon’sUnited Kingdomsite. Visit now for more information and to search for your new Slendertone product.

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Slendertone Flex Abs Toning Belts for Male & Females Reviews

Slendertone Flex Abs Toning Belts are great for both men and women. They are made differently, because men and women are made differently. Therefore, it is important to purchase the correct one.

Slendertone Flex Review for Males

The Slendertone Flex is a muscle toner that uses Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation. This produces safe contractions in your abdominal muscles that help tone these muscles. Let’s be honest: your abs are the most difficult part of your body to tone. Many times, they need extra help and these slendertone belts are perfect. They are easy to use and are battery powered, so you can wear one no matter what you are doing. You can go for a long walk, wear it while at the gym, or even wear it to work.

It is made to be used five times a week, for only 30 minutes a day. It is best to be used during your normal exercise routine, but you can also wear it while sitting and relaxing. It contracts the muscles of your abdomen constantly during the 30 minutes, and helps tone.

There are many different versions of the Slendertone Toning Belt for men. These include the Abdominal muscle toner, the arms muscle training system, Slendertone Ultra ab toner, Slendertone Flex Pro toner, and the Slendertone Flex GO! Toner. Each one has the great, proven slendertone system, and each looks different to keep you looking sharp while you lose weight in the stomach. You can also purchase some great accessories, including gel pads for arms and abs.

The Slendertone System Abdominal toner for men comes with the toner, a controller, a set of gel pads, the travel pouch, quick start guide and instruction manual.

The Slendertone Ultra Abdominal toner for men comes with the slendertone belt and controller, two sets of gel pads, batteries, quick start guide, travel pouch and an instruction manual.

The Flex Pro Abs toner for men comes with the toning belt with a built-in controller, a set of gel pads, instruction manual, batteries, a travel pouch and quick start guide.

The Flex Abs toner for men from Slendertone comes with the toning belt that includes a built-in controller, two gel pad sets, an instruction manual, batteries, a travel pouch and a quick start guide.

Lastly, the Slendertone Flex GO! Abs toner comes with the toner belt and a built-in controller, a set of gel pads, instruction manual, travel pouch, quick start guide and three batteries.

Slendertone Flex Review for WomenSlendertone Flex Abs Toning Belts for Women

The Slendertone Flex Abdominal toners for women are almost exactly like those for the men. They are easy to use, have seven different programmes and also include 99 levels. It is meant to be used five times per week for 30 minutes each day. It is proven to give you toned and firm abs in a few weeks.

There are many different toning belts available for women and these include:

  • The Slendertone System Abs toner
  • Slendertone Ultra Abs toner
  • Their Flex Pro Abs toner
  • The regular Flex toner
  • The Flex GO Toner

Not only does this product tone your abs, you can also use the waist belt toner around your hips to tone your tush. They also offer arm toners to help your arms look beautifully sculpted along with the rest of you. Along with the different toning belts available, they also have gel pads to keep you as comfortable as possible when wearing.

Many people have tried these products and have great things to say. People are excited that there is a product out there that can help them tone the most difficult areas. Many people have mentioned that it is best to use diet and exercise to get the most out of your Slendertone Flex Abs toning belt, because it is not meant to be used alone.

They also mention that the belt is made to fit most sizes, but it should be adjusted to fit you personally. If you take the time to adjust the belt, you will get better results. Others have mentioned that the batteries you are given work great, but when you have to purchase new ones, it is important to buy premium batteries; otherwise the batteries will die before 30 minutes. Rechargeable batteries are even better, if you can find them.

Most people say this product does work, but it is difficult to store and clean. This is true because of the technology used in the belt, but as long as you wipe it dry after each use, it should last for a long time. Consider hanging it up when it’s not being used and store in a ventilated area. This should help any bad smells coming from daily use.

This product is rated very good by those who have used it. For more information, or to purchase this item, visit

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Slendertone Active Review

Slendertone Active is a great product that fits around your waist to help you lose weight. You simply put it on and do your exercises as normal. It helps tone your abdominal area, monitors your heart rate as your workout, and immediately tells you your heart rate and how many calories you have currently burned.

Not only is this product a great toning belt, is has so much more to offer and is for both men and women.

It comes with three different programmes that can be personalised for your specific needs. These include walking, toning and jogging. It also has a point system installed with the system that helps you get in shape in four to eight weeks. One point is equal to 50 calories, so whenever you exercise, you will be able to see how much you have burned.

These are automatically calculated and can be displayed any time on your hand held unit. The unit shows a table that tells you the total amount of points you have. It also shows how long you have been doing each programme, such as walk plus tone, jog plus tone or just tone and how many points each one earns in each time frame. This is meant to be used to help you lose the weight you want and reach your target in the time frame you choose.

This product also shows you where your heart rate should be with a great table. Just scroll down to your age, and whichever programme you are working on that day, and find out where your heart rate should be. Use the hand held unit to show you what your current heart rate is and make sure you are staying on track.

Hand Held Unit

The state of the art hand held unit has many great controls to keep you informed about your workouts. There are three different plans, and you can get the information you require by simply touching a button.

This product is made to be used anywhere. Wear it while at work, while playing with your family or anywhere. It is meant to be used five times a week for 30 minutes, but you can use it more to see even more of a difference. Using it as directed has been proven to give you a 1.4 inch loss from your waist line, so try it today.

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