Extreme Six Pack Exercises for Men – How to Build and Get a Six Pack in a Month

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If you’re wondering how to build a six pack around your midsection and want to get that lean and toned look fast, you need to know the right exercises to perform, how to perform them effectively, and how often they should be done for the best results. Sit-ups and crunches are effective but they’re only one of the exercises that work, and how you do these exercises will make a tremendous difference in your results as well. To get a six pack in a month, consider the best advice you’ll get about the right exercises and how to do them.

The Best Six Pack Exercises for Men

Crunches and sit-ups are still the best six pack exercises for men because they target the stomach and work both upper and lower abs. However, the reason many men struggle to see results with crunches and sit-ups is because they don’t do them correctly and don’t do them often enough. To perform a correct sit-up or crunch, keep your back straight and be sure to use your ab muscles to lift your body forward. When you curl up in a ball, you’re using your back muscles to lift you up and this causes straining in the back and doesn’t work the abs.

It’s also important to use reverse resistance when performing sit-ups or crunches. This is when you fight the resistance or movement returning to your starting position. When you do this, you are working your muscles twice as much with each exercise and will see those results twice as fast. You are also ensuring a full range of motion with your exercise so that both upper and lower abs are being worked when you use reverse resistance training.

There are other six pack exercises for men to include in your routine, most of which are Pilates movements and which are very effective and yet easy to do. The plank position works your entire abdominals; on your stomach, elbows on the floor and hands in front of you so that your arms are in a ninety-degree angle, legs stretched out behind you, pick yourself up so that your weight is on your elbows and toes alone. Your stomach works to keep your body balanced and upright in this position, and you’ll feel it tense. Hold this position for several seconds, then return to your knees to rest, then back up on your toes again. Keep repeating this movement for as long as you can, allowing yourself a short rest every few seconds.

What Else is Needed to Get a Six Pack in a Month

Just doing crunches and sit-ups and other exercises is not how to build a six pack; you need to consider your diet, your regular physical activity, and how well you’re performing your exercises overall.

Your diet and physical activity will help to keep you toned overall. You can’t do your six pack exercises for men and then hide those new muscles behind layers of fat; you need to keep yourself in shape overall. Push yourself with physical activity; add wind sprints to your running routine, or kickboxing to your regular exercises. This will jumpstart your metabolism and keep your calorie burn at its best. Add protein to your diet as this builds muscle and keeps you looking lean and also helps you to control your appetite. If do this along with your six pack exercises for men, and keep up this routine every day, you’ll have a six pack in a month and will be able to maintain your look for a lifetime.