Getting a Six Pack in Six Weeks – Can You Get 6 Pack Abs That Fast?

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Can you get a six pack in six weeks? It is possible, if you know the right exercises to do, if you perform them correctly, and if you’re committed to watching your diet and getting regular aerobic exercise in addition to your six pack ab exercises.

All of these are important in toning and trimming your tummy for that lean, muscular look. You cannot get a six pack fast if you just do ab exercises but ignore what you’re eating and don’t mind how much exercise you get overall. No one will see your six pack abs if they’re covered in a layer of fat. You also need to be concerned with how often you perform your exercises in getting a six pack, so they are effective and they work for you.

Exercises for Getting a Six Pack in Six Weeks

Crunches and sit-ups are still the best exercises for getting a six pack in six weeks, but they often fail because they aren’t performed properly. Many who try crunches and sit-ups roll themselves into position, which strains the back muscles and does nothing for the abs. When you perform crunches and sit-ups, keep your back straight and be sure you isolate your stomach muscles to perform the movement. It helps to keep them tense as you pull up and return to your starting position, as this will ensure the muscles are being worked and you’re not using your back.

Reverse resistance is also the key to getting six pack abs fast. This refers to fighting the movement when you return to your starting position, rather than relaxing your muscles and just collapsing back down on your exercise mat. When you fight the movement you are getting twice the workout in one set; your stomach muscles are working when you pull up and then when you lower yourself back down.

Your speed is also important to consider; you don’t want to rush through your routine but go slow so that your muscles are really working. Doing crunches and sit-ups to get a six pack fast doesn’t mean doing those exercises fast; when you go slowly, you allow your muscle to take in blood and oxygen so that they can get lean and well-developed, and look more toned as well. That extra blood and oxygen is what delivers protein and other nourishment so your muscles actually get built, but your muscles can’t get these nutrients if you rush through your routine. Try counting to five as you pull yourself into a sit-up and then again as you lower yourself to your starting position, and use a count of three for crunches. This will ensure you aren’t rushing yourself. It’s also good to consider the time you spend on performing crunches and sit-ups rather than counting your reps; for beginners, try fifteen minutes per exercise, twice per day. For those more advanced, do thirty minutes of both crunches and sit-ups twice per day. This will get you six pack abs fast.

Diet is Also Key to Get a Six Pack Fast

Watching what you eat will also help in how to get 6 pack abs; to do this in six weeks, cut down on sugar and empty carbs and fill up on lean proteins, vegetables, and fresh fruit. These foods will help you to lose weight overall and keep you looking lean and toned. Protein builds muscle and you need this to have a muscular look; it also helps you to control your appetite. Protein contains a chemical that sends a signal to the brain, telling it that you feel full, and other foods don’t have this chemical. This makes it difficult to overeat when you have a lot of protein in your system, so try this at every meal to help you lose weight and get that lean, toned look in just six weeks.

Regular aerobic activity is needed to help you lose weight around the midsection, but you need to push and challenge yourself to be successful here. Try jumping rope, wind sprints, hiking or rock climbing, kickboxing, or step aerobics. These pump up the metabolism and get you burning calories at a very high rate. This will burn that stubborn belly fat and give you a lean look overall.

Be sure you do all this every day; crunches and sit-ups can be done twice per day, and watching your diet and getting exercise every day will get you six pack abs fast, if you’re committed to doing your part and doing everything that’s needed to be successful.