Girl With a Fat Belly Who Can’t Lose It, Asking How to Lose My Belly Fat?

lose the belly fat

If you consider yourself a fat belly girl and wonder how to lose my belly fat, don’t give up on having a lean and toned midsection just yet. The right changes for diet and exercise will trim your tummy and having you looking lean in no time.

How Do I Lose Belly Fat

First consider your diet. If you can’t lose belly fat, often it’s what you eat that’s the culprit. Keep track of everything you eat in one day, and that means everything including snacks from the vending machine, soda, juice, and candy. Add up the calories each day and see where changes can be made. Your diet should be made up mostly of lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Sugary sodas and empty calorie snacks are often the worst offenders when you want to lose belly fat, so cut these out completely.

Add protein to every meal; try an egg and turkey bacon for breakfast, a turkey or ham sandwich with mustard rather than mayonnaise for lunch, and broiled chicken or fish for dinner with steamed vegetables. Have fruit as a snack rather than candy or crisps.

Get Active to Lose Belly Fat

You won’t be a fat belly girl if you get active; this is the answer to the question of how do I lose belly fat. Every day, walk briskly or jog lightly. Take stairs, jump rope, or join an aerobics class. If you sit on the couch at night you won’t lose your belly fat especially if you sit behind a desk all day. It may seem challenging to be active if you haven’t exercised much, but once you start, and you start to see weight loss and real results, you’ll be enthused about keeping up with it. You may also find it’s easier to exercise once you lose weight because your body is not working so hard to move around so much weight, and you can easily increase your routine each week.

Exercises that target the belly will also help to trim your midsection. Crunches and sit-ups are easy to do and will whittle your waist in no time. Spend five minutes on each exercise every day the first week, then increase it by five minutes every day, each week following. This will challenge you and work those ab muscles to lose that belly fat.

Don’t give up on losing your fat belly but make a plan and then stick with it. If you write out what you eat and keep track of your exercising, you will find that you lose weight quickly and effectively, and can keep up with your routine for the long-term.