Good Ab Workouts Using Our Ab Roller Exercise & Fitness Guide

ab roller exercises

The right ab roller exercise will get you that flat and toned tummy you want in no time. Using the ab roller will target your abdominals and keep your stomach muscles toned and lean, and build a six pack that your friends will envy.

The Best Ab Roller Exercises

Crunches and sit-ups are still the best exercise for abs because they use the stomach muscles to lift and lower the body. However, many people don’t perform these properly which is where the ab roller exercises can help. On your exercise mat, position yourself on the ab roller and keep your back straight. Your neck should be supported, and tense your stomach muscles as you come into a crunch. Don’t allow your stomach muscles to relax; this is what keeps them working.

Slowly take yourself back down to your starting position and sue the reverse resistance as you do. This refers to keeping your stomach tense as you return to your staring position so that it continues to work for twice as long. You’ll be doing twice the abs exercise when you do this.

Variety for a Good Ab Workouts

The best ab fitness workout routine will include some variety. Keep your legs straight as you use the ab roller for crunches, then try another set with your knees bent. You can also keep yourself in position in your ab roller and, legs stretched out in front of you, feet together, lift your legs off the ground just a few inches. This will work your stomach muscles to keep you balanced. Your legs should only be an inch or two off the ground; any more distance and you’re not working your stomach and ab muscles.

Another variation is to keep yourself in position in the ab roller and, legs together, pull your knees up to your chest and then back down again. Pulling your legs will increase your ab fitness because your stomach muscles work to get your legs into position and to support your body as you return to your starting position.

Other Exercise for Abs

Be sure you’re using your ab roller for all the abs exercise you can. Mix up your routine every day, and add in other exercises that will flatten your stomach and get you lean and toned. You need to burn calories to burn fat so that everyone can see the lean muscles you build with your ab roller exercises. Be sure you run or jog every day, or walk briskly. Take an aerobics class so you burn calories. Step aerobics are very challenging and will get your metabolism revved up so you burn more calories every day even when at rest. You need to be physically active every day to burn those calories, so be sure you keep a calendar of the activity you do and how much, and note how often you use your ab roller for good ab workouts.

Increasing Your Abs Exercise

Stepping up the pace and intensity of your abs exercise will also help you to burn calories and build that toned look you want. Challenge yourself to do more crunches every day, even if you increase that number by five. Go slowly during your crunches so your body can get blood and oxygen and build muscle, and try leg lifts along with your crunches. Increase your count for your leg lifts each time you perform these reps, so you’re isolating and targeting your abs and are building resistance, as well as burning calories for maximum effect and the best, fastest results possible.