Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser (Abdominal Exerciser) vs. Ab Circle Pro

Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser

The Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser is one of the best abs exercisers on the market today. Unlike the Ab Circle Pro, the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser combines aerobic activity with abdominal exercises so that you can burn calories and show off that flat, toned tummy in no time. There are six adjustable setting with the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser, making it one of the best and most flexible abdominal exercisers on the market, and making it a perfect choice for anyone no matter their level of fitness.

To use the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser, you place yourself on the knee pads and that, holding on to the secure bar, swing yourself in semi-circles or scissor kick your legs behind you. Your abs will get the best workout since they keep you steady and work against your body weight and gravity itself to put you into position.

Other abs exercisers are flimsy and don’t work your body as much throughout a circular movement. This means you need to work twice as hard to get the results as you would with the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser. You also don’t have variable settings, so you cannot ratchet up the tension and work your abs even harder for a more advanced workout. Most abs exercisers also don’t allow you to scissor kick your legs, which means you can’t work your lower abdominals and oblique. With the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser, you get a complete and total workout that burns calories and fat, builds muscles, and gives you a long, lean look in no time.

The Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser also folds away and easily stores under a bed orAb Circle Pro System


 in a closet when not in use. This will allow you to work out at home quickly and efficiently, any time

Before you decide on an abs exerciser or waste time trying to do sit-ups on your own at home, consider the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser. It’s lightweight and portable but packs a workout that is challenging and that burns calories while building muscle around the midsection. It’s just what you need to tone up and slim down, and to get that six pack you deserve. of the day or night. No more waiting in long lines at


the gym or heading out after a day in the office; you can take your Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser with you when you travel or get in a quick workout every day of the week, and then put your Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser out of sight. This also makes it a perfect choice for those in apartments and small homes who may not have room for complicated, bulky equipment to work their abs.