Slendertone Active Review

Slendertone Active Review

Slendertone Active is a great product that fits around your waist to help you lose weight. You simply put it on and do your exercises as normal. It helps tone your abdominal area, monitors your heart rate as your workout, and immediately tells you your heart rate and how many calories you have currently burned.

Not only is this product a great toning belt, is has so much more to offer and is for both men and women.

It comes with three different programmes that can be personalised for your specific needs. These include walking, toning and jogging. It also has a point system installed with the system that helps you get in shape in four to eight weeks. One point is equal to 50 calories, so whenever you exercise, you will be able to see how much you have burned.

These are automatically calculated and can be displayed any time on your hand held unit. The unit shows a table that tells you the total amount of points you have. It also shows how long you have been doing each programme, such as walk plus tone, jog plus tone or just tone and how many points each one earns in each time frame. This is meant to be used to help you lose the weight you want and reach your target in the time frame you choose.

This product also shows you where your heart rate should be with a great table. Just scroll down to your age, and whichever programme you are working on that day, and find out where your heart rate should be. Use the hand held unit to show you what your current heart rate is and make sure you are staying on track.

Hand Held Unit

The state of the art hand held unit has many great controls to keep you informed about your workouts. There are three different plans, and you can get the information you require by simply touching a button.

This product is made to be used anywhere. Wear it while at work, while playing with your family or anywhere. It is meant to be used five times a week for 30 minutes, but you can use it more to see even more of a difference. Using it as directed has been proven to give you a 1.4 inch loss from your waist line, so try it today.