Slendertone Scam – Why There Have Been Scam Rumours

Slendertone Active Review

Slendertone has come under some scrutiny because there are some that claim they are a scam. People and corporations are claiming that Slendertone has given false advertising on infomercials, television commercials, and printed advertisements. However, these Slendertone scam claims are false.

Slendertone has not scammed anyone; when customers write reviews of their product, they use that information for any advertising they choose. Many customers have claimed that they noticed results from using the product and did not have to do any other exercising. As they sat and watched television or drove to work, the constant contracting of their muscles helped them lose a size and be able to fit into their clothing.

Slendertone did not pay anyone to say these things; they were real reviews from real customers.

Not only have other companies cried scam, but some customers have even cried the same. All of these rumours are unfounded. Many of the customers claimed to purchase the product and use it for two or more months with absolutely no results. However, results are not typical in everyone and it is known that for best results, you should exercise and have a good diet. Those who claim these products do not work have probably not followed directions properly.

Many other customers are unhappy that they must pay for extra accessories, and therefore claim the entire Slendertone product line is a scam. This is also untrue. For added comfort, they sell special pads that are used between the skin and the product. In many cases, they provide you with at least one set of these pads. These pads are not made to be used indefinitely. They will stretch out and become less sticky over time. It is important to change these pads and purchase replacement pads. Slendertone has never mentioned these pads would work forever and have always made it clear that extra pads cost extra money.