Slendertone Gymbody 8 VS GymbodyPlus Comparison

Slendertone Gymbody 8

If you are in need of help to tone your annoying stomach fat, you are not alone. It is a known fact that your stomach fat is the hardest to get rid of and tone, followed by the upper arms in a close second. It is important to feel good about yourself and be healthy, so consider using a toning belt to help you.

SlendertoneGymbody 8

This is one of the first electrical toning muscle products that were made and is one of the strangest as well. It looks odd, because is comes with a set of eight electrical pads that are attached to your skin on different areas of the stomach (or other areas). It has CSI technology and the electrical charges that go through the pads stimulate your stomach muscles, which forces them to contract repeatedly. This helps tone the muscles. It’s supposed to be like doing many crunches.

Many people find this product is outdated and difficult to use because you must place the sticky pads to the areas yourself. It is easy to place them and they stick well, but it is sometimes difficult to find the right areas in which to place these pads. However, if you have specific areas you want toned, this can work great because you can place the pad wherever you want.

Others have mentioned this system is not easy move around. You are attached to these eight different sticky pads and have to pick up the entire system to move around. It is also fairly uncomfortable to use or wear. Many people have also mentioned the “shocks” you receive are too strong and are slightly painful.

The Gymbody PlusSlendertone GymbodyPlus

This is a toning belt and is considered unisex, which means both men and women can use this belt. It is simple to use, in that you simply wrap it around you and use the Velcro to hold it in place. This belt is very lightweight and can be worn comfortably. It comes with two different programmes and 99 different intensity levels.

It has been proven that using this product for six weeks, five times a week, 30 minutes each time, will tone and strengthen your abs.

It comes with a manual, batteries, and replacement pads.

The Gymbody 8 is completely different than the Gymbody Plus. The Gymbody Plus system is user friendly and can be worn anywhere. Simply strap it on and go wherever you need to be. The Gymbody 8 is not so versatile. You have many different pads stuck to you, along with all the wires. In order to move around, you must hold the box. Therefore, you can’t wear it while exercising or cleaning your house.

With the Gymbody 8, you are required to place the pads yourself and you only have eight different pads to place. The Gymbody Plus has an electrically charged belt that you simply wrap around yourself. You can move the belt easily to be where you need the most work. The electric charges are sent to specific places, but the entire area gets some of the electric charge to help contract more muscles.

In essence, the Gymbody Plus is a better product than the Gymbody 8, though both can be purchased from Visit them for more information or to purchase.