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Best Abs Exercises For Flat Abs – Get Great Abs

Wanting to have a great abs and actually having great abs is a matter of making a choice. You see no matter how much you want something it’s not just going to land in your lap just because you wish for it – you need to take action. The world is filled with people who have great intentions, dreams, hopes and aspirations but the furthest they ever get is wishing for them from the comfort of their couch or bed. To get flat abs you need to work towards it and finding good exercises for abs is where most people fall short – without a great ab workout routine you’re not going anywhere fast.

7 Good Exercises For Flat Abs

So instead of just leaving it up to guesswork for you when it comes to choose an abs workout that delivers results we’re going to look at the top 7 exercises you can do for flat, firm and toned abs.


The plank is an ab exercise that looks deceptively easy but is actually one of the toughest exercises you can do to work your core and give you great abs in the process. The plank is done from what starts as a push-up position and you then lower your upper body to rest on your forearms and elbows flat on the floor. Make sure that you’re also balancing on the tips of your toes. Now from this position squeeze your abs as tightly as you can and hold the plank position for as long as you can. Initially you’ll probably struggle to hold a plank for more than 30 seconds – it really does put that much strain on your body. Increase your time by 5 or 10 seconds on each workout with your ultimate goal being to achieve a plank time of roughly 5-minutes. When you start off doing a plank for even 30-seconds it can feel like it’s lasting forever.

Side Plank

The side plank is similar to the plank except that it focuses on your obliques, or lovehandles, more than any other abdominal muscles. To perform a side plank lie on your right-hand side with your left leg lying on top of your right – your body should be in a straight line. Now support your body on your forearm and elbow, almost as if you were going to try and push yourself up off the ground, and then hold that position for as long as you can. Now return to your starting position on your side. Again doing a side plank is going to be tough for more than a few seconds when you start off but with practice you’ll be aiming to able to perform a side plank for at least 90-seconds. Just remember to alternate which side of your body you’re doing a side plank on – otherwise you could wind up with uneven obliques.


The crunch is the most common way for you to exercise your abs and your core muscles. Sit-ups have been popular for centuries now as a form of working your abs but all too often people cause themselves neck and back injuries by pulling themselves up into the sit-up but doing crunches helps to prevent this.

Lie flat on your back with your knees pulled up towards your bum but keeping your feet flat on the floor. Now put your hands behind your neck and, using your tummy muscles, pull your shoulders towards your knees. You should remain facing the ceiling with your hands only behind your neck to support it – don’t pull your face forwards into the crunch – this is the quickest path to neck strain or even injury.

Breathe out as you crunch upwards and breathe out when you’re returning to your starting position. To make the most of a crunch workout you can combine short sets of explosive crunches where you don’t do the full range of motion but perform 5 quick crunches in a row. Then rest. Then perform a set of normal crunches where you fully contract your stomach muscles and rest. Swapping between these two different types of crunches can give you a truly great workout.

Reverse Crunch

This type of crunch is very similar to the crunch we just mentioned above here but it focuses on a different set of abdominal muscles by changing the range of motion you use. To perform a reverse crunch lie flat on your back and keep your knees in the same position as the original crunch – knees brought towards your bum but with your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head for support. Now you need to cross your legs at the ankle or across your shins and as you raise your shoulders off the floor you’re going to bring your knees up towards your chest, squeezing your abs as you’re doing this. Repeat this exercise in short sets because it can be quite tough on your stomach muscles.

Swiss Ball Crunch

Get a standard sized exercise ball and sit comfortably on it. Now roll it slightly forward underneath your bum until your knees are bent and your back is at an angle of about 45 degrees. This is going to feel odd at first because your body is now in a pretty unstable position but that’s the whole idea. Now from here sit forward into a crunch, breathing out as you do so. Relax and return to your starting position and repeat. You’ll find this exercise very difficult at first because you’re trying to balance yourself on the Swiss ball while you’re doing your crunches but that’s why this exercise is so effective – you’re literally engaging every single core muscle. Start off with short sets of these and work your way upwards.

Cycle Crunch

Lie flat on your back and put your hands behind your head and keep your legs flat on the floor underneath you. Now raise your left shoulder off the floor and raise your right knee towards your chest. Try to gently push your left shoulder towards your right knee, twisting your body as you do so. Do this gently. Now return your shoulders and right knee to the ground. Now raise your shoulders again and this time pull your left knee towards your chest and push the tip of your right elbow towards it. Now return to your start position and repeat – it’s basically like you’re cycling in the air. The cycle crunch is best repeated slowly and make sure that you’re returning your leg to a fully flat position when you’re finished – the slower you do this exercise the better.

Leg raise

You’re usually better off doing this type of exercise in the gym because you’ll need something called a “Captains Chair” to do it properly. Doing a leg raise means that your entire body is being supported by your upper body in a sitting position. Once you’re comfortable in that position you simply bring your knees up towards chest, exhale and hold that position and then inhale and return your legs to their starting position. You can also raise your legs out straight in front of you too – this is just a variation. This is one of the most pure bodyweight exercises you’ll find anywhere and is surprisingly good for working your abs out.

What Are The 3 Best Abs Exercises?

If we had to pick our 3 favourite or best abs exercises they would be the plank and the reverse crunch and the cycle crunch. These 3 exercises combined will provide you with a great workout that targets all of your abdominal muscle groups. The plank and the reverse crunch work pretty much everything and then the cycle crunch has the advantage of also working your obliques too.

But some people struggle with doing the exercises the right way, in the right quantities and with the best form to see the results they want. That’s why using something like the Ab Circle Pro can help you work all the same abdominal muscle groups but in a very focused way – and there’s no risk of hurting or straining your back or neck and you’ll get the results you want in the timeframe you want too.

The Best Ab Exercise

When it comes to developing your abs there are multiple groups to work with – upper, middle and lower abs and also your obliques too. This means that one single ab exercise can’t target everything in one go but you can use a piece of equipment to add focus and structure to your ab workouts. We’ve found that the Ab Circle Pro is an ideal way to achieve exactly that and it also cuts down on any risk of injury during your workout. You’re meant to feel a little sore after a good workout but getting injured by any workout you’re doing is just a really bad idea.

Use the Ab Circle Pro To Get Great Abs

So what makes the Ab Circle Pro so special when it comes to creating your flat stomach and killer six pack abs? The most important part is that the Ab Circle Pro gives your workout focus – so you’re repeating the exercises in exactly the way they should be done to give you the best results. It also stops you having to put a strain on your neck or back because all of the exercises are done from a kneeling position; ideal for anyone with back or neck injuries or problems.

An important part of burning off belly fat is getting some cardio into your workout and the Ab Circle Pro does this too – the gravity-assisted swinging motion also providing cardio activity to your ab workout. This is the first time somebody has managed to create an ab workout machine that combines both a cardio and intensive abs workout in one single device. The Ab Circle Pro is simply one of the single best low-impact abdominal exercisers you’re going to find on the market today.

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