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3 Gym Ball Exercises For Stomach Muscles

There are lots of different stomach exercise routines and workouts designed to target your core and they all have their own benefits and perks. The thing is though that most people rely on just doing standard sit-ups or stomach crunches to get their abdominal muscles in better shape but you also need a variety of ab exercises to not only work out your major stomach muscles like the transversus abdominis and the rectus abdominis but also all the support muscles underneath.

One of the single best ways to work out all of your core muscles including the transversus, rectus and support muscles is to use what is called an exercise ball or what’s also known as a Swiss ball or stability ball, stability ball describing what it does best of all of these. The stability ball basically forces you to exercise from an unstable, but safe, position so that your entire core is engaged all the way through each exercise by trying to keep you stable.

You’ll find these stability balls in your local gym or you can buy them online for just a few pounds each and you can use them to give yourself a really, really tough abs workout.

#1 Stability Ball Roll

Kneel in an upright position with your back straight and your stability ball directly in front of you. Now rest your forearms and elbows on the ball and allow yourself to roll forward to fully extend your abs. Breathe out as you’re rolling forward and squeeze your abs tight and then breathe in as you’re rolling yourself slowly back to your starting position. This exercise should be performed smoothly and slowly with the focus being on good form and not rushing through 20 reps of it.

#2 Squat Thrust

Kneel down on the floor with your hands flat on the floor as if you were going to get into a push up position. Now place the insoles of your feet on the stability ball and push yourself up into what is basically a plank position, with your feet/shins resting on the exercise ball. Hold the position for and squeeze your abs in and then begin to bring your knees towards your chest slowly. Once you’ve brought your knees as close as you can to your chest then extend your legs backwards to their starting position. Repeat this exercise smoothly but pretty quickly to get the most from it.

#3 Wall Crunches

Sit with your bum on the stability ball and carefully prop your legs up against a solid wall – your feet should be flat against the wall with your knees slightly bent for added balance. Now simply do your crunches from here and you’ll find that you have to work a lot harder to maintain your balance and do the crunch at the same time.

These are just our three favourite stomach exercises for the stability ball but there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other similar exercises you can do with this wonderful and simple piece of gym equipment.

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