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How to Lose Belly Fat the Fast and Natural Way

No doubt everyone carrying a few extra pounds wants to know how to lose belly fat quickly and easily, as well as safely and naturally. Diet alone is not the answer, and exercise alone won’t always target that stubborn area around your midsection. Understanding the best way to lose belly fat and keep it off means understanding why and how the body holds fat, why it’s so difficult to lose around the midsection, and how to target that stubborn area. To loose belly fat, you need to understand all these things and work with how your body works to get rid of that fat belly quickly, safely, and naturally.

Before you waste more time an another diet or piece of exercise equipment, first consider how and why the body gets fat in the first place and how to burn it quickly and safely. This will help you to make changes to lose belly fat and to keep it off for good.

How to Loose Belly Fat Fast

Why does the body hold onto stubborn fat in the first place? This is vital to understand so you know how to lose belly fat safely and naturally, and keep it off for the long-term. The body’s weight is a balance between calories you take in with what you eat and drink, and calories you burn with your physical activity. While there are many considerations about calories and how the body burns them, this equation is the basis of why you gain weight, lose weight, or just maintain your weight. If you have belly fat or excess fat anywhere else, you are taking in more calories than you’re burning. Extra calories are stored as fat in the body, which is why so many have a fat belly; high calorie foods and a sedentary lifestyle combine for extra body weight.

Calories and how you burn them off is affected by the types of foods you eat and your overall physique. Simple carbohydrates and white flour products are typically very calorie dense, meaning they have a lot of calories for the amount of food you eat. These foods also break down as sugar in the system, and sugar causes you to feel hungry. When the body’s blood sugar levels spike, it needs insulin from the pancreas to regulate this, and the best way to get the pancreas to release insulin is to eat. When you eat sugary foods or simple carbs, you may feel hungry all the time even when you’re not, and the resulting overeating leads to belly fat.

On the other hand, protein is less calorie dense so you get more food for fewer calories when you eat protein. When you want to lose belly fat, you need to increase the protein content in your diet so you feel full, faster. Protein also contains a chemical that sends a signal to the brain, telling it that the stomach is full. Other foods don’t contain this chemical, so you can more readily overeat other foods than you can protein. This too is why protein is important to help you lose belly fat fast. You’ll eat less and feel full faster, and will be able to eat more food with fewer calories when you are hungry.

Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat

Cutting calories is important when wondering how to lose belly fat; exercise is also important so you burn more calories than you take in, but how you exercise is will affect your results. A casual stroll around the block will burn some calories, but not many. Pushing yourself and challenging yourself so that you burn a lot of calories every day is vital in the equation of how to lose a fat belly; this means running, biking, rock climbing, jumping rope, doing aerobics, using an elliptical machine, and other activities that get your heart pumping and your lungs breathing heavily. These challenging exercises will burn calories and in turn, help you to lose belly fat fast. If you don’t like the idea of exercising in a gym, choose physical activity that you enjoy and that burns calories, such as playing tennis, swimming, skating, or even boxing.

The body works harder to maintain muscle than it does belly fat, so the more muscle tone you have, the more calories you’re burning every day even when at rest. To lose belly fat fast, add resistance training to your routine; this doesn’t need to include heavy-duty lifting like a bodybuilder, but simple resistance training done every day will build muscle tone and in turn, burn more calories. Resistance training will also give you more toned and lean look so that you lose belly fat and also look thinner and shapelier overall.

How to Lose Belly Fat

So how to lose belly fat fast? Adjusting your diet is important so you take in fewer calories than you expend with physical activity. One help for many is to note everything you eat and drink, and this means everything. Weigh and measure your food so you know the number of calories you ingest every day, and can also know where to make changes. You may be surprised at how much sugary cereal you eat every morning and how many calories you take in with snacks from the vending machine at work, or how often you indulge in midnight snacks that are high in calories and which don’t help to loose belly fat.

Writing down what you eat will also help you to see how much protein you’re eating and where you might add more. For example, you may have eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, rolled lunchmeat and cheese for lunch or a small salad with boiled eggs, and then grilled chicken or fish with vegetables for dinner. Once you see where protein is lacking in your diet, you can then see where you can add more to feed those muscles and also to keep you from being hungry all day.

Along with writing down the foods you eat, note how much exercise you get and the type of exercise as well. When considering how to lose a fat belly, you need to consider the amount of exercise you get daily and weekly. Write down the time you spend in any exercise and how strenuous it was so you know how many calories you are burning. Note how often you do resistance training and for how long. When you review this information you may be surprised at how little exercise you get every week, and may realise that you need to increase this to lose belly fat fast.

Mix up your workout routine as well every day and every week; this is how to lose a fat belly. When you mix up your routine, your body is always guessing as to the demands you’ll put upon it and this will cause your body to work harder. You’ll be burning more calories if you run one day and bike the next, or take up boxing a few times per week and then jog the other days of the week. All of this will help you to understand how to lose belly fat and how to keep that fat off for good.

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