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Slendertone Flex Abs Toning Belts for Male & Females Reviews

Slendertone Flex Abs Toning Belts are great for both men and women. They are made differently, because men and women are made differently. Therefore, it is important to purchase the correct one.

Slendertone Flex Review for Males

The Slendertone Flex is a muscle toner that uses Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation. This produces safe contractions in your abdominal muscles that help tone these muscles. Let’s be honest: your abs are the most difficult part of your body to tone. Many times, they need extra help and these slendertone belts are perfect. They are easy to use and are battery powered, so you can wear one no matter what you are doing. You can go for a long walk, wear it while at the gym, or even wear it to work.

It is made to be used five times a week, for only 30 minutes a day. It is best to be used during your normal exercise routine, but you can also wear it while sitting and relaxing. It contracts the muscles of your abdomen constantly during the 30 minutes, and helps tone.

There are many different versions of the Slendertone Toning Belt for men. These include the Abdominal muscle toner, the arms muscle training system, Slendertone Ultra ab toner, Slendertone Flex Pro toner, and the Slendertone Flex GO! Toner. Each one has the great, proven slendertone system, and each looks different to keep you looking sharp while you lose weight in the stomach. You can also purchase some great accessories, including gel pads for arms and abs.

The Slendertone System Abdominal toner for men comes with the toner, a controller, a set of gel pads, the travel pouch, quick start guide and instruction manual.

The Slendertone Ultra Abdominal toner for men comes with the slendertone belt and controller, two sets of gel pads, batteries, quick start guide, travel pouch and an instruction manual.

The Flex Pro Abs toner for men comes with the toning belt with a built-in controller, a set of gel pads, instruction manual, batteries, a travel pouch and quick start guide.

The Flex Abs toner for men from Slendertone comes with the toning belt that includes a built-in controller, two gel pad sets, an instruction manual, batteries, a travel pouch and a quick start guide.

Lastly, the Slendertone Flex GO! Abs toner comes with the toner belt and a built-in controller, a set of gel pads, instruction manual, travel pouch, quick start guide and three batteries.

Slendertone Flex Review for WomenSlendertone Flex Abs Toning Belts for Women

The Slendertone Flex Abdominal toners for women are almost exactly like those for the men. They are easy to use, have seven different programmes and also include 99 levels. It is meant to be used five times per week for 30 minutes each day. It is proven to give you toned and firm abs in a few weeks.

There are many different toning belts available for women and these include:

  • The Slendertone System Abs toner
  • Slendertone Ultra Abs toner
  • Their Flex Pro Abs toner
  • The regular Flex toner
  • The Flex GO Toner

Not only does this product tone your abs, you can also use the waist belt toner around your hips to tone your tush. They also offer arm toners to help your arms look beautifully sculpted along with the rest of you. Along with the different toning belts available, they also have gel pads to keep you as comfortable as possible when wearing.

Many people have tried these products and have great things to say. People are excited that there is a product out there that can help them tone the most difficult areas. Many people have mentioned that it is best to use diet and exercise to get the most out of your Slendertone Flex Abs toning belt, because it is not meant to be used alone.

They also mention that the belt is made to fit most sizes, but it should be adjusted to fit you personally. If you take the time to adjust the belt, you will get better results. Others have mentioned that the batteries you are given work great, but when you have to purchase new ones, it is important to buy premium batteries; otherwise the batteries will die before 30 minutes. Rechargeable batteries are even better, if you can find them.

Most people say this product does work, but it is difficult to store and clean. This is true because of the technology used in the belt, but as long as you wipe it dry after each use, it should last for a long time. Consider hanging it up when it’s not being used and store in a ventilated area. This should help any bad smells coming from daily use.

This product is rated very good by those who have used it. For more information, or to purchase this item, visit

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