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Slendertone Reviews – Flex, Flex Max, Pads, Abs System & Gymbody

Slendertone reviews are important so you can make the best decision for your abs toning. Slendertone is a company that makes products to help tone your abdomen area. These products include EMS technology, which is electrical stimulation. They use this stimulation to contract the muscles in the abdomen, which helps tone them. They have been making and upgrading these products to be the best and most comfortable to wear, as well as being able to wear them wherever you go. Welcome to our Slendertone reviews. Please feel free to browse and read our reviews. We gather reviews from many different online sources and create one large review from those. These are as honest as possible and are all based on real feedback from real customers. We pride ourselves on reviewing both men’s and women’s products and review their entire range.

Slendertone Flex Reviews

The Slendertone Flex is an abdominal toner that is battery operated and contains four different toning programs. It comes with two sets of gel pads and many people agree that this really works. Many have complained about the price, but they also agree that the price is worth it, as the product works great.

You will not notice immediate results. It is made to be used for at least six weeks to notice results, and the longer you wear it, the better the results will be.

One review website had a total of 46 reviews, and many others had approximately the same amount. These reviews were all based on a five point scale. Most gave generally good reviews, based on if the product worked, and how easy it was to use.

Many have complained that you must be in relatively good shape to notice results, but no matter your size, you will feel the results. As you continue to use the product and perform exercise, you will continuously feel the results and notice them as you slim down.

Many others have mentioned that one of the bad qualities of this product is its price. However, they do realise that good products that work will cost more than those that don’t work. It is a toss up between everyone who has commented on the price, because they enjoy their results and know it is an investment for the future.

Many have also mentioned that when they started using the toning belt, they could not go over level 50 in intensity and after a month, they are almost at the highest intensity. This proves that the toning belt works, because their abs are able to withstand more electrical current.

The general consensus seems to be that if you are generally fit, but have weak abs, this is the perfect solution for you.

Slendertone Flex Max Reviews

After perusing many different review sites, the Flex Max works. Those who have written reviews want others to know that this product must be used with an exercise regimen. You will not have great abs just by sitting on the couch and wearing this product. However, if you really want to lose weight and get in shape, this product is great to help with that.

Many agree that this product works and does what it promises and are willing to give it three and a half stars out of five. As long as you start out slow and work your way up, you will have the results you want from using this product.

Slendertone Pads

These pads are extremely sticky on one side and cushiony on the other. They are made to be used exclusively with Slendertone products. There are different versions, such as the arm pads, tush pads, and the regular abs pads.

These cushioned pads make wearing the belt easier. It is important to wear the belt for at least 30 minutes, five days a week. Without cushioning, the belt would be most uncomfortable. There are many places where you can purchase these pads and it is important to change them periodically. As you will be using the belt a lot, it is important to note that the pads will start to stretch out after many uses and they will not stick after a while.

SlendertoneGymbody Reviews

The SlendertoneGymbody is easy to use and is unisex. It includes two different programs to get a great workout without working out. It is best to be used whilst doing an exercise regimen, but you can feel results by just sitting down and relaxing.

Everyone who reviewed this product would recommend this product to friends or family. It received an average of four and a half stars out of five, which is a great average.

Most everyone mentioned its ease of use and that it works well. They also mention that it has a good price.

Most of the reviewers mentioned that they purchased this product knowing they wouldn’t be exercising in any other way and have still noticed results, such as being able to fit into a favourite pair of jeans.

Others mention that it is slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, because it takes some getting used to. They also say it is important to stay with the product, because it does work.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these Slendertone Reviews.

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