The Best Diet to Lose the Belly Fat

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Ask 100 dieters what the hardest thing to do is, and at least 90 of them will answer, “Lose the belly fat.” Why is that so hard? One of the reasons is that there are actually two types of belly fat. The first, the subcutaneous fat, is located between the skin and the abdominal wall. This is the same kind of fat that makes your upper arms jiggle, or puts jowls on your jawline. The other kind of belly fat is visceral fat. It’s buried deep within the abdomen, near the artery that feeds the liver, and helps your body to regulate its metabolism. This is the dangerous kind of belly fat, and is also the hardest to lose.

Don’t all diets get rid of fat?

The truth is, if you want to lose belly fat diet alone is not enough. It has to be the right diet. Because while you can use any diet to help get rid of the subcutaneous fat, most diets will actually increase the amount of visceral fat. That’s right. Dieting can actually increase your belly fat. It does this because when you dramatically cut the amount of calories you eat, your body tries to conserve what few calories you are getting – by storing them as fat.

All calories are not created equal. Some foods will tell your belly fat that you’re living in abundance, and to go ahead and burn fat because you don’t need it. Other foods signal your body that hard times are coming, and to store belly fat to help you survive.

What’s the best diet to get rid of belly fat?

To be effective, diets to lose belly fat have to take into consideration the two types of belly fat, and the role that visceral fat plays in regulating your metabolism. They have to keep your body from thinking you’re starving, while still decreasing the overall amount of calories you’re eating. They also have to purge your system of the toxins created from over-processed, unhealthy foods, which keep you bloated and your system clogged with junk. All while using tasty, easy-to-make foods.

That’s why the best diet to lose belly fatis the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet. Not only is it a comprehensive program, it guides you every step of the way, from a quick start that blasts away nearly a dozen pounds in the first week, to helping you stay on track, to helping you keep the weight off.