The Top 3 Stomach Exercises for Women, to Tone, Flatten and Lose the Tummy Fat

tummy exercises for women at home

Women want flat abs as much as men do, and often will try exercises to flatten the stomach to no avail. This is often because they’re doing the wrong stomach toning exercises or are not doing them correctly and effectively. To get the flat and toned tummy you want, consider the top three stomach exercises for women, and how to perform them correctly for the best results.

he Best Leg Lifts for Toning and for a Flat Tummy

You work and tone your stomach muscles by doing more than a stomach exercise. One of the best exercise for a flat tummy is the standard leg lift; when done correctly, you’ll have a flat tummy in no time.

To perform this exercise, stretch out on your back on an exercise mat, legs together, toes pointed at the ceiling. Very gently lift your legs about three inches off the ground, and hold for a count of ten. You will immediately notice your stomach muscles tensing and tightening to balance your weight. Gently lower your legs back down, rest for a count of three, and then repeat.

When performing these stomach toning exercises, you need to keep your legs at a distance off the floor that is challenging. Lifting them too high will work your back muscles and not your stomach muscles, and not lifting them enough won’t challenge your stomach muscles. When performing exercises for the tummy, be sure you’re working the tummy even when it’s challenging and that you’re not working the back or other areas of the body.

The most effective exercises to tone stomach will use resistance in both directions, so as you lower your legs, use your stomach muscles to fight the tension going back down. This will give you twice the workout. You can also try a modified version of this when you’re sitting; tense your stomach muscles and then lift your feet off the ground, legs together. Feel the stomach muscles working to hold your legs in place.

The more often you try these exercises for stomach muscles, the better and faster results you’ll have.

Crunches at Home to Lose Stomach Fat

Crunches are one of the best flat tummy exercises for women, but they’re often done incorrectly and ineffectively, which is why many struggle to lose stomach fat when using crunches.

As with leg lifts, you need to be sure you’re exercising your stomach muscles when you perform crunches. When on your back, put your hands behind your neck for support and keep your legs straight in front of you. Lift your upper body while keeping it straight; don’t curl up as you would when doing a sit-up. You need to lift your body only a few inches from the floor.

If you don’t feel the tension in your stomach when performing crunches, you may be using your back rather than the stomach muscles. Be sure you’re holding your body straight and are lifting with your stomach muscles, not curling up your back muscles. Exercises to flatten your stomach won’t work if you use your back muscles to support yourself, so be sure you feel the movement in your tummy.

Again, you want to use the tension of returning to your starting position for the best results. A crunch that uses both forward and reverse motion is the best exercise to tone stomach since you’re getting two crunches in one. As you lower your body, fight the motion with your stomach muscles. This is one of the best exercises for stomach fat as it targets the stomach area alone.

Kettle Ball and Other Stomach Exercises for Women

A kettle ball exercise is one of the best exercises to tone stomach. You need a partner for this; you both sit with your backs to each other and twist to hand a kettle ball to them. This exercise is not about speed; go slowly to work the stomach muscles and to ensure you don’t pull your back muscles. If you don’t have a partner, you can modify this stomach exercise by holding a kettle ball and twisting at the waist, as if you’re handing it off.

Another good exercise for a flat stomach for women is a modified push-up, or what’s called a plank position in yoga. This exercise to tone your stomach will work your arms as well. Get down on your knees and elbows, your arms underneath your chest, hands clasped together. Your elbows should be in a 45-degree angle. Once you’re in this position, move your legs out behind you so that you’re straight and your body is being rested on your arms and toes. Your legs should be off your exercise mat. You’ll feel your entire stomach tense up as it holds your weight and keeps you balanced. Hold this position for as long as you can and then return your legs to the mat; rest and then try it again.

A modified swim exercise will also tone your belly and strengthen your core. While on your stomach, stretch your arms straight in front of you, and then move them up and down slightly as you move your legs up and down, as if you’re swimming with your legs and slapping the water with your hands. This stomach exercise will help improve your posture as well as tighten and tone the muscles around your midsection, and will also loosen and strengthen your back muscles. You’ll find it easier to do your other exercises to lose stomach fat when you have a strong back and core, so try this exercise as often as possible.

Remember too that the best flat tummy exercises for women won’t do anything if you don’t maintain a healthy diet and get regular aerobic exercise. Those tones muscles won’t be seen under layers of extra fat, which is also burned by aerobic exercise. Combine your best exercise to lose stomach fat with a high protein, low-carbohydrate diet and lots of regular physical activity for the best results.