Tips for the Quickest Ways to Lose Belly Fat and Become Belly Fat Free Quickly

quick ways to lose belly fat

Belly fat is not only unsightly, it’s unhealthy. It’s been implicated in all manner of diseases, from Diabetes to Alzheimer’s to cancers. It even seems to be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and it certainly shortens life span by any measure or research conducted recently. It’s scary how many problems are associated with excess belly fat.

Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest fat to get rid of. Our bodies evolved (or, if you prefer, were designed) to store fat to protect us against starvation in food short times. Tips to lose belly fat will work when one works with one’s own nature rather than against it. Fortunately, modern science has identified some powerful practices that can make this much easier to achieve.

Quickest way to lose belly fat

The quickest way to lose belly fat is not through starvation or simply a combination of more exercise and less food. Yes, these are important—but they miss the point. If you simply reduce calories and exercise more, your body will fight you because it will associate this with hard times. Instead, eat more complex carbohydrates such as vegetables and whole fruits, as well as more protein. These tell your body that abundant times are here and it’s okay to let go of fat. By the same token, avoid eating lots of simple carbohydrates—sucrose (common table sugar) and stripped, non-whole grains. These are easily digested, leading to a spike in blood sugar which, again, tells the body to deposit more fat.

Other quick ways to lose belly fat

Let yourself enjoy sweets at most once per day, and let yourself go wild exactly one day a week. This avoids overstressing yourself and still gives you most of the benefits of a good diet.

You can also vary your exercise routines, such as switching between swimming, walking on a treadmill, and cycling. This keeps your muscles from anticipating what you’re going to ask of them, and prevents them from becoming overly efficient.

Free tips to lose fat

In terms of physical exercise, the first 30 minutes per week, taken in 10 minute intervals on at least three days, is most important. The particular exercise you do should combine short bursts of doing something as intensely and as fast as possible followed by much slower performance of the same exercise for a minute or so. Alternate these for six sets and you’ll have an outstanding 10 minute exercise program. You’ll be amazed at how you can become belly fat free. One implementation of this program, developed for the US Air Force, is known as P.A.C.E. However, there are others that also work well and the key principles are the same.

Additionally, even though you want to lose belly fat, focus on losing fat all over your body, as well as your belly. By developing the large muscle groups of the body, you’ll boost your metabolism and burn more fat than trying to target specific areas of fat.

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