Vibro Plate Exercises for Stomach Muscles

Vibro Plate Exercises for Stomach Muscles

One of the most exciting developments in fitness technology in recent years has been the advent of vibrating plates. Although most laymen and many fitness professionals have yet to understand this revolutionary technology, it actually has an excellent pedigree and a sound scientific basis. It can be especially helpful for those who are seeking to strengthen or tone a particular muscle group such as stomach muscles.

The Power Plate leads the pack, although it is expensive. For those who believe in science, it has been the subject of over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, and the results have consistently shown at least a two-fold increase in the rate of improvement for time invested in fitness. The key is that any exercise performed on a vibro plate, for example vibro plate exercises for stomach muscles, will stress the muscle fibers only once when done conventionally but dozens of times per second when done using vibro plate exercises for stomach! The reason is that the rapid up and down motion of the plate forces your muscle being exercised to deal not only with the normal weight and resistance but also the sudden adjustment of these as the plate alternately adds and subtracts resistance many times during each repetition.

The Power Plate system was actually developed for astronauts, who suffered alarming bone density loss and muscular wasting in zero gravity environments. The idea was to simulate gravity in an exercise environment through the enhanced resistance of the plate. It worked so well that astronauts who had used the devices actually came back to Earth with no deficiencies—the documented losses had been completely averted. This kind of technology would be expected to only enhance the effects of terrestrial exercise, and that’s exactly what’s been discovered in the subsequent years.

Vibro plate exercises for stomach muscles will not only strengthen the abs much faster than regular abdominal exercises, but they will also enhance balance as the small and fast twitch muscles are developed, giving you important control in crucial situations where you might, for example, otherwise fall.

You can expect to spend at least $2000 for a home Power Plate system. However, when you consider the added fitness benefits, over the long term it will prove a sound investment—provided you actually use the equipment! That’s why we recommend you try it in a gym or doctor’s office where you can use such an appliance before buying. Ideally, try an experiment: do a particular exercise regularly for a period of time. Carefully note your progress. Then do the identical exercise on the Power Plate while still recording progress over a comparable period. You’ll have your own evidence of efficacy, and there’s nothing more impressive than that.